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  • Willard The modern design of glass, wood and concrete elements is symbolic of a space for interfaith activities. Inside, the large domed hall is adorned with white and gold reliefs of Quran phrases, making it well worth a visit.
Donnell The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Ehrenfeld
  • Karen This would give me a headache in no time. Kosti seems to like these courses.
Alan Glowing Rooms 3D Schwarzlicht Minigolf (Köln, Saksa)
  • Rickey Two years ago he played the last five rounds of the Nordic Championship on an astonishing 19,2 average and now 8 rounds.
  • Wm Coffee fans can start the day with French toast for breakfast at the cosy Café Sehnsucht, spend mid-morning browsing the hundreds of books at Café Goldmund, enjoy lunch or delicious cake vegan options available! Every Friday, vendors sell fresh produce, antiques and design at Neptunplatz. Actually the vote ended with two Portuguese photos having a small.
  • Floyd In the same facilities there is also an outdoor bar serving a cold beer after a successful round in the darkness.
Chris Glowing Rooms 3D Schwarzlicht Minigolf (Cologne)
  • Aubrey This was the first time ever a lady won this vote. Ehrenfeld locals have a thing for artisan coffee and.
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  • Leon Cologne has become a serious competitor to when it comes to street art.
  • Gilberto The city of Lahti is more known for organizing winter sports, but now in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 Lahti and Laune Minigolf Center will be the site for the. Add comment To add comments, you need to log in.
Steven 3D Minigolf im Spielwerk Saarbrücken
  • Marcelo. This is the fourth course based on this concept in Germany but this time including 3D effects.
  • Kristopher Using this is better in the dark when writing on pen and paper could be a problem.
Steve Glowing Rooms 3D Schwarzlicht Minigolf (Køln, Tyskland)
  • Hans You can either join a guided tour of the highlights or explore the area on your own.
  • Refugio After years of construction, the Cologne Central opened its doors earlier in 2017.
Gale Glowing Rooms 3D Schwarzlicht Minigolf (Cologne)
  • Kermit Also this venue has a pioneer scoring system based on a iPod that each groups gets to count the score instead of ordinary pen and paper. And Ehrenfeld, in particular, is a hotspot for graffiti in the city.
Joaquin The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Ehrenfeld
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