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  • Blaine The competitors list can be found next to the search input field above.
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  • Stanley The Encyclopedia of Historic Places. Others say all of the objects were collected over time, from such places as and.
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  • Jefferey It is just a minute away from the cathedral. For international wire transfers, swift codes are always required in order to make transactions secure and fast.
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  • Garland With , your money is always converted at the mid-market rate and you'll be charged a low, upfront fee each time. One of the contributors to the reconstructions of the synagogue was , the Lord Mayor of Aachen from 1989 to 2009.
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  • Clarence There is a shuttle-service between Aachen and the airport.
  • Deon Daily Time on Site Average time in minutes and seconds that a visitor spends on this site each day. During the period, the ocean penetrated the continent from the direction of the up to the mountainous area near Aachen, bringing with it clay, sand, and chalk deposits.
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  • Glenn The oldest occurring rocks in the area surrounding the city originate from the period and include , , and.
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  • Gustavo The 's Technical School Ausbildungszentrum Technik Landsysteme is in Aachen. There are also a few parts of both medieval city walls left, most of them integrated into more recent buildings, but some others still visible.
  • Ron In 1486, the Jews of Aachen offered gifts to during his coronation ceremony.
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  • Tristan In the year of his coronation as king of the , 768, came to spend Christmas at Aachen for the first time. Relevance to this Site An estimate of how relevant a keyword is to this site.
  • Tracy Today, a soft version is sold under the same name which follows an entirely different recipe. After electrification in 1895, it was with maximal 213.
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  • Odell At the end of 2009, the foreign-born residents of Aachen made up 13.
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  • Pete Over time, a host of software and computer industries have developed around the university.
  • Jarrett Even in the late 18th century the Abbess of Burtscheid was prevented from building a road linking her territory to the neighbouring estates of the ; the city of Aachen even deployed its handful of soldiers to chase away the road-diggers. The rich façade remained unfinished until 1891, when the architect Peter Friedrich Peters added to it.