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Jeffrey Coronavirus: Why are Australia's remote Aboriginal communities at risk?
  • Scotty There are high incidences of , , and suicide amongst the , with this resulting in unstable parenting and family situations. Stop feeling bad about not knowing.
Gustavo History of Indigenous Australians
  • Walker In Brock, Peggy; Gara, Tom eds.
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  • Amado Genetic load went out of fashion, as did population genetics generally, and of courser no sensible person pays any attention to anthropologists.
Wilfred Aboriginal Australia: History, Culture, and Conflict
  • Major My guess is that relatively few people were simultaneously familiar with the evidence for male-biased mutation, paternal-age evidence in medicine, the theory of genetic load, and ethnographic reports of big differences in average paternal age. Kaniyang Southwest Gangulu Northeast Karajarri Desert Fitzmaurice Karangura Eyre Garawa Gulf Kuthant Gulf Karengappa, Karrengappa, Kurengappa Eyre Kariyarra Northwest Garingbal Northeast Mardu Desert Eyre Gadubanud Southeast Kaura misprint , Coorna, Gaurna, Koornawarra, Nantuwara, Nantuwaru, Nganawara, Meljurna or Meyukattanna.
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  • Sherman But the 2006 Census recorded 30,783 Aboriginal people born between 1966 and 1971 — more than double the number expected. Many place names in Australia mark places of frontier massacres, for example in Newcastle.
Lane List of Australian Aboriginal mythological figures
  • Sandra The succeeding largely ignored the recommendations provided by the report, one of which was a formal apology to Aboriginal Australians for the Stolen Generations. Within the past 1,500—3,000 years, other important changes occurred at the general continental level: population increases, the exploitation of new habitats, more efficient resource exploitation, and an increase in the exchange of valued items over wide areas.
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  • Ruben Perhaps some of them, somehow, opposed diversity… The double standard is hilarious. Most Aboriginal people could name a number of groups of which they are members, each group being defined in terms of different criteria and often with much overlap.
  • Clifford This is shown by correlation of oral history stories with verifiable incidents including known changes in sea levels and their associated large changes in location of ocean ; oral records of megafauna; and comets.
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  • Rodger White man just became interested in Aboriginals when they were nearly wiped out.
  • Brant However the coming of Christianity did not spell the end of the people's traditional beliefs; their culture informed their understanding of the new religion, as the was welcomed and the new religion was integrated into every aspect of their everyday lives. In 1973 became the first Indigenous Australian to captain his country in any sport when he first led the Australian National Rugby League team,.
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  • Gordon At the beginning it was only darkness and a bare land… The of Australia are considered one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world.
  • Jody The people of Cummeragunja were protesting their harsh treatment under what was a draconian system. The Torres Strait Islanders preserve and present their oral history through songs and dances;.
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  • Mark Europeans bringing stores of food meant the old ways became meaningless.
  • Jarrett If those differences are maintained over time, say for a few thousand years, you would expect to see significantly different levels of mutational load in different populations. Obviously this implies that many medical problems are more common in the children of older fathers, which is known to be the case.