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Blake Islam in Albania
  • Stacy In a post-communist environment the Muslim Community of Albania has been seeking from successive Albanian governments a return and restitution of properties and land confiscated by the communist regime though without much progress. Turismen är en av Albaniens största och snabbast växande näringar.
  • Jerold Albanien var osmanskt i mer än 450 år men behöll under hela denna tid sina egna seder, bruk, kultur och språk. In manchen Käffern spricht man Terroristisch ,Bosnisch und Romanes.
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  • Norman Examples of such developments are centered in Petrele, Krujë, Tepelenë and Lezhë originating from the feudal castle.
  • Freddy Omkring 17 procent av befolkningen lever på mindre än 16 kronor per dag.
Kenny Religion in Albanien
  • Ethan A new wave of Catholic dioceses, churches and monasteries were founded, a number of different religious orders began spreading into the country, and papal missionaries also reached the territories of the Kingdom of Albania. Christianity is practiced by 16.
  • Andres Slavophone findet man freilich nur in den ersten beiden Gemeinden. More than ten positive asylum decisions per year were issued only twice during this period, most recently in 2010.
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  • Brice Serbische Politiker würden zwar nie zugeben, dass die abtrünnige Provinz unabhängig ist, aber so langsam sind sie ganz froh darüber, dass ihnen dieser Laden ein Klotz am Bein ist.
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  • Booker Centuries later in the end of the 20th century occurred another and simultaneously the largest migration cycle of Albanians to Italy surpassing the earlier migration of the Arbëreshë.
Barbara Albanien: Gefährdetes Kulturerbe
  • Bryan The regional variants of spoken Albanian differ such that verbal communication between uneducated speakers of different dialects can be difficult.
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  • Chang These have been edited to remove references to Armenians and have been distributed in large numbers in recent years.
  • Aron At this point, the urban centers of and had largely adopted the new religion of the growing Muslim Albanian elite.
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  • Thad There are a number of international acclaimed singers of Albanian origin across the world such as , , , , , and. However, the predominant religious communities enjoy a greater degree of official recognition and social status based on their historical presence in the country.
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  • Jamel Further information: and Iranian contact in the region goes back to the and times.
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  • Kevin Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques are also on the best examples and legacies of Byzantines and Ottomans, which are specifically exemplified in Berat, Gjirokastër and Korçë region.
  • Salvador They refer to Albanians as a Muslim nation and as Muslim fundamentalists which has placed the secular part of Albanian identity under strain.
  • Jesse Den religiösa bilden i Nordmakedonien speglar den etniska sammansättningen. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation.
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  • Rick Muslim geographers , and recorded that a language which they called Arranian was still spoken in the capital and the rest of Arran in the 10th century.