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  • Jesus The focus continues to be on assignments in the fields of energy and transport as well as in regulated areas such as gambling. Another focus is on the development and restructuring of residential, commercial, commercial and industrial sites.
  • Jerry Abstract: The present invention relates to N-phenyl- piperazinyl or homopiperazinyl -benzenesulfonamide or benzenesulfonyl-phenyl- piperazine or homopiperazine compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and their use in therapy.
Jeremiah ISMK
  • Dewey The invention also relates to the tautomers of compounds I, the physiologically acceptable salts of compounds I, and to the physiologically acceptable salts of the tautomers of compounds I.
Leonardo Johannes Gutenberg
  • Philip Thus, in 1438 a five-year contract was drawn up between him and three other men: Hans Riffe, Andreas Dritzehn, and Andreas Heilmann. He currently reports on technology and business trends and develops conference programs.
  • Anthony Gutenberg, apparently well along the way to completing his invention, was anxious to keep secret the nature of the enterprise.
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  • Lloyd The 4-piperzinylpyrimidine compounds have the general formula I wherein Ar, X, A, R1 and R1a are as defined in the claims. Rehau would like to thank Gollwitzer for his many years of regional and international commitment and his services in the development of the polymer specialist's worldwide company communication.
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  • Dorian The variables have the meanings given in the claims and the description.
Drew Andreas Haupt
  • Dylan By 1450 his printing experiments had apparently reached a considerable degree of refinement, for he was able to persuade , a wealthy financier, to lend him 800 guilders—a very substantial capital investment, for which the tools and equipment for printing were to act as securities. WoodLinks; and currently on the Woodwork Career Alliance Education Committee.
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  • Franklin An artist's visualization of Johannes Gutenberg in his workshop, showing his first proof sheet. Andreas Haupt succeeds Klaus Gollwitzer, who, after 20 years at the company, is leaving Rehau to seek new professional challenges.
  • Mickey I , and acid salts thereof, wherein A, B, D, E, F, G and K are? Abstract: Compounds of the present invention include cell growth inhibitors which are peptides of Formula I, A-B-D-E-F- G r- K s-L?.
Billie Andreas Haupt named global communications chief for Rehau
  • Rodrigo More recent work concerns how to apply distributional methods properly. The invention also relates to the use of a compound of the formula I or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof for preparing a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of a medical disorder susceptible to treatment with a dopamine D3 receptor ligand.
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  • Blair Unique elements of his are thought to have included a metal alloy that could melt readily and cool quickly to form durable reusable type, an oil-based that could be made sufficiently thick to adhere well to metal type and transfer well to vellum or paper, and a new press, likely adapted from those used in producing wine, oil, or paper, for applying firm even pressure to printing surfaces.
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  • Preston Andreas Haupt also regularly advises and represents bidders in national and European tenders and protects their rights in review proceedings.
  • Junior Andreas Haupt has been working as a lawyer since 2002.