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  • Ellis They were armed with one 20 mm Type 99 cannon behind the pilot, aimed upward, similar in intent to the Luftwaffe's installation.
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  • Rachel Nakajima's team considered the new requirements unachievable and pulled out of the competition in January. Wing skin was thickened further.
  • Edmund Kind im Gepäck Kind im Gepäck war mit uns auf dem Bodensee-Radweg unterwegs! The tune is also anonymous, and was probably composed for the hymn. Whether this is correct, indicates retrofitting intentions, refers to the prototype but not to all subsequent planes, or is in error is not clear.
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  • Mack The shorter range proved a significant limitation during the Solomons Campaign, during which Zeros based at Rabaul had to travel nearly to their maximum range to reach Guadalcanal and return.
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  • Gerard The first of this variant was completed in September 1944.
  • Ernest The larger cowling allowed an armament change to 2x 13. There were sufficient gears to get us up most of the hills we encountered, although as regular cyclists we found the bikes rather heavy and too upright in design a European trait.
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  • Cesar However, before the new design type was accepted formally by the Navy, the A6M3 Model 22 already stood ready for service in December 1942. Dazu kommt: Rückkehr in eine Stadt, die sich verändert hat.
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  • Mitchel Noch einen Tag dürfen die Raupen also fressen, bevor es ihnen mittels Bacillus Thuringenis an den Kragen geht.
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  • Jeffery The Japanese ace described how the toughness of early Grumman aircraft was a factor in preventing the Zero from attaining total domination: I had full confidence in my ability to destroy the Grumman and decided to finish off the enemy fighter with only my 7. To my surprise, the Grumman's rudder and tail were torn to shreds, looking like an old torn piece of rag.
  • Sammy London: Octopus Books Limited, 1980. We were actually surprised how much relatively flat cycling there is in Switzerland and Germany - along the valleys, following rivers etc.
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  • Claude Über Bergerac und Bordeaux geht es zurück nach Deutschland, wo wir noch eine Woche bei Christines Eltern bleiben.
  • Issac A new exhaust system provided an increment of thrust by aiming the stacks aft and distributing them around the forward fuselage.
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  • Nigel Nevertheless, the navy accepted the type and it entered production in April 1942. The A6M7 had a similar armament layout to the A6M5c with the exception of the bomb centreline bomb rack, capable of carrying 250kg or 500kg bombs.
  • Judson The first of this variant was completed in April 1944 and it was produced until October 1944. Allied pilots soon developed tactics to cope with the Zero.
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  • Steve Unser Urlaubs-Tipp für aktive Familien: Melanie von Kind im Gepäck testet gerade mit Mann und Kind das neue Highlight in unserem Fuhrpark: Die Familienkutsche, ein E-Lastenrad mit Kindersitzplatz. Praise to thee by both be given, Alleluia! The prototype engines nevertheless provided useful experience for future engine designs.
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  • Kieth Koga died instantly of head injuries his neck was broken by the tremendous impact , but his wingmen hoped he had survived and so went against Japanese doctrine to destroy disabled Zeros. In addition, ailerons, aileron trim tab and flaps were revised.