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  • Gus This finding was unlikely to be attributable to saturation of renal excretion of n-hexane metabolites since the estimated half-lives for excretion of urinary metabolites were similar for the groups exposed at 1,000—10,000 ppm. At 64,000 ppm, all mice had respiratory arrest within 4.
  • Elvin Pulmonary effects were very minor and did not result in functional impairment after repeated exposure.
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  • Issac These studies are briefly described.
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  • Pedro Despite Irving's eventual much lower numbers, and later accusations of generally poor scholarship, the figure popularized by Vonnegut remains in general circulation. It might be that by direct injection of a blood sample into a gas chromatograph as done by Böhlen et al.
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  • Danial The second was on 17 April, when 580 B-17s dropped 1,554 tons of high-explosive bombs and 165 tons of incendiaries. Far more than any other military action that preceded the actual occupation of Germany itself, these attacks left the German people with a solid lesson in the disadvantages of war.
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  • Gerry Furthermore, a delay in the maturation of cerebellar cortex was observed fissura prima of the vermis cerebella; delay in migration of the outer granular cells and a persistence of Purkinje cells at all concentrations. After an explosion in the boiler room of the single-family house, a dead man was found.
  • Demetrius When such effects occurred was not reported but this statement might indicate that 48,000 ppm can cause myoclonic seizures in rats.
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  • Reed In this comparative study, male Sprague-Dawley rats, male New Zealand rabbits, and one male monkey Macaca mulatta were subjected to a single, whole body exposure to n-hexane purity 99% at an actual concentration of 5,000 ppm for 6—24 h.
  • Stan When Polish crews of the designated squadrons were preparing for the mission, the terms of the Yalta agreement were made known to them.
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  • Claude Allen, was passing down the North River, her boiler exploded, destroying the boat, and killing all hands save one man. Three hundred and sixty heavy bombers and bombed a synthetic oil plant in , 60 miles 97 km from Dresden, while medium bombers attacked , , Misburg near and.
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  • Wendell Danach sei an Schlaf nicht mehr zu denken gewesen. Hepatocellular neoplasms adenoma and carcinoma were reported in mice and papillary tumors in the bronchiolar epithelium in rabbits.
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  • Shelby Commercial hexanes are manufactured by two-tower distillation of a suitable hydrocarbon feedstock. Blood contained much more n-hexane in relation to its lipid content, caused by binding to erythrocytes.
  • Eugenio Chromatid breaks were reported in rat bone marrow cells concentration and exposure duration not specified.
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  • Robbie No adverse clinical effects or subjective complaints were also reported in healthy male volunteers 19- to 26-years old exposed twice nose only; in a sitting position to n-hexane purity 99% at 60 ppm with a 4-h interval. Steady-state blood concentrations for n-hexane will be reached in approximately 30 min.
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  • Charlie Seine Frau und er seien schon während der Löscharbeiten erstmals von Polizisten vernommen worden. No skin sensitization has been reported in exposed workers and no skin sensitization was noted in a maximization test with n-hexane solution.
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  • Erik In rats, about 94% of the n-hexane in blood appeared to be noncovalently bound to hemoglobin, whereas in humans the percentage was 66%. Critics of the bombing have asserted that Dresden was a cultural landmark while downplaying its strategic significance, and claim that the attacks were indiscriminate and not to the.
  • AlbertoAttacks on cities like any other act of war are intolerable unless they are strategically justified. The only symptom reported at more than 10% on a rating scale by volunteers exposed for 2 h to n-hexane at an actual concentration of 54.