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  • Gregory The education specialists are also concerned with the increasing shortage of skilled workers with which many employers are struggling.
  • Glen Cyber security is more than just the technological safeguarding of infrastructure and systems If a security flaw is discovered, the Blue Team — located next door — develops concrete defensive measures to address it.
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  • Joe Autonomous driving is only one of the numerous topics.
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  • Wilford Jens Spahn has made it his business to improve nursing care in Germany.
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  • Lester German employers mainly rely on employees from South Korea, Vietnam, China, the Philippines and the Balkan countries. An additional source of danger are the increased symptoms of tiredness and lack of concentration that are intensified by the limited daylight.
Orval Driving in Germany: Green Zones
  • Kirk These measures are meant to relieve certification authorities and accelerate procedures. The fact that the team in Málaga are counted among the most learned experts in their field is demonstrated in the fact that they are represented in all preeminent standardization committees across the cyber security and connected vehicle sectors, to which they contribute their experiences.
  • Wyatt Thus, 6,000 young specialists can receive funding every year.
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  • Odell A sign will indicate which color sticker a vehicle must have in order to enter the environmental zone. Additionally, the education company maintains a close cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency, job centers and multiple companies in order to prepare migrants for the German job market.
  • Ira Unter Anleitung von Fachdozenten können Sie feststellen, ob eine Zusatzschulung für Sie ein Neuanfang sein könnte.
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  • Roman The participants also differentiated between activities to be provided centrally versus tasks best be done locally.
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  • Scottie This is a task for which the matrix presented in the video clip could also be used. The objective is to develop skills profiles for healthcare professionals that reflect the actual work process in practice.
  • Tyler Both online and offline, the process of searching for employees is changing rapidly.
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  • Jeremiah Because of this need for alignment, we look at any available piece of information, irrespective of its age, that may cast a doubt on this potential alignment.
  • Alexander And this, according to Mei-Li Lin, is more important and expedient in critical situations than any theoretical approach, which may be cast aside in the heat of the moment.
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  • Rodolfo In addition, the responsible parties shall put together a comprehensive repertoire of tools and recommendations for action to help social partners, education providers, decision makers and other relevant stakeholders to develop the profession. Bright clothes, ideally equipped with reflectors, are the safer choice.
  • Ashley Comment columns also allow visitors to actively participate in the discussion about the future of learning in the digital age. He took the opportunity to discuss the advantages of such training with the foreign guests and to answer any questions.
Diego Compliance due diligence from a company perspective
  • Octavio Around 200 exhibitors present the latest products, services and trends on over 10,000 square metres of exhibition space.
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  • Dominique The project participants want to improve the working conditions of truck drivers and at the same time increase safety for employees, vehicles and transported goods.
  • Steven The care sector in Germany currently faces many challenges: Along with the demographic change, thanks to which more and more people are requiring care all at the same time, the care sector is facing an increasing shortage of skilled workers. Martina Reinicke-Reichelt Business Unit Manager Digital Learning Systems Tel.