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Wayne Rude
  • Donna It has nothing to do with his entire career.
Gilbert Cafe Kante, Frankfurt
  • Fritz I remember France being questioned after this win, as they weren't playing well, I also remember Mbappe winning man of the match, I also remember Pogba getting higher marks in this game from nearly every publication than Kante. .
  • Bobby Media like to make up stories so that people read their articles and they get higher click rates.
Garrett Unpopular Opinion
  • Barbara As far as my source, Deschamps did talk about it, it's been reported throughout many media so if you're not too lazy for a simple google search, you'll find the answer you haven't found any sources for, it's pretty common knowledge. I don't mind them having this policy but the manner in which he told me was extremely rude - there was no sign in the garden so I could not have known that dogs are not allowed outside and all the other guests were staring and seemed quite shocked.
  • Dewey Over the past 5 years, Kante has enjoyed 2 successful seasons, 1 okay season and 2 poor seasons. I didn't want to disturb the guests so was carrying my small mini-Schnauzer on my arm towards the garden where my friend was waiting for us.
Wilbur Rude
  • Christoper That's half the games that he missed in an incosistent side in an unfinished season.
  • Mervin I feel if Kante hadn't emerged in the way that he had, and if he wasn't such a nice guy, then he wouldn't be rated nearly as highly.
  • Eliseo His quiet reply was: 'No, no, do not worry - I am fine, coach.
  • Roman One of the three owners are always around and take care about the shop - it has a long history and it is an institution since many years.
Winfred Cafe Kante, Frankfurt
  • Wyatt I agree that plenty of factors affect the outcome of matches, but the table at least suggests there's a strong correlation between the team performance and Kante's presence.
Damon Coffee shop / Bakery
  • Willis Kante aside this Chelsea side is playing young players which will be inconsistent.
Rickie CAFE KANTE, Frankfurt
  • Clifford Was Toto Schilacci world class for one tournament in 1990? If someone ask about a specific game they will have a specific answer and even if we ignore it, players have bad games from time to time.
  • Randy I feel Kante's overrated because of his limitation on the ball, lack of versatility and all-round ability etc, not simply because the team loses when he plays. Thanks to Mbappe, they also conceded 3, no thanks to Kante, the supposed midfield destroyer.
Elizabeth Rude
  • Woodrow I just read some reviews re Cafe Kante - and of course this place is a place for locals.