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Jerome Christoph Kreutzmüller's research works
  • Ervin Table of Content List of Figures Foreword Otto Dov Kulka Hans-Christian Jasch and Christoph Kreutzmüller Chapter 1.
  • Lavern He eventually found the building where his grandfather posed and soon learned what it had housed. Yet while the conference itself has been exhaustively researched, many of its attendees remain relatively obscure.
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  • Herschel In Berlin, for example, the size of Jewish-owned businesses had shrunk, but not their number.
  • Gilberto Before the Nazis took power, Jewish businesspeople in Berlin thrived alongside their non-Jewish neighbors. Today, Chmell and Schock are staunch Israel supporters, fighting modern antisemitism as expressed in hostility toward Israel, propelled both by a sense of obligation they feel toward the Jewish people and their Christian faith.
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  • Cary As the coordinator responsible for the research project I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any mistakes you might find.
  • Colby Dieser Frage wird im folgenden anhand von Fallbeispielen bei der Übernahme von Immobilien und dem Umgang mit Stiftungsgeldern nachgegangen.
Jeremiah Michael Wildt / Christoph Kreutzmüller (Hrsg.), Berlin 1933
  • Houston Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, Reich-Chancellery: A Prussian Civil Servant under the Nazi Regime Stefan Paul-Jacobs and Lore Kleiber Chapter 12.
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  • Joesph The Jewish Credit Cooperatives were an important manifestation and tool of Jewish self-assertion in the German economy rapidly dividing itself along racist fault lines even before the Nazis officially came to power in 1933. Who were the 15 men who attended the meeting, and what connected them? He has authored the definitive study, published in 2012, of Wilhelm Stuckart, state secretary in the Reich Interior Ministry, and the role of the civil service in Jewish policy.
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  • Lucas Before joining the museum he coordinated two extensive research projects on the fate of Jewish-owned businesses in Berlin during the Third Reich and on Jews in Berlin from 1918 to 1938 at Humboldt University of Berlin. Erich Neumann, Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan: A Colorless, Compliant Prussian Christoph Kreutzmüller Chapter 16.
  • Antony If they had been examined earlier, at least one suspect who was acquitted in court would have been found guilty, Kreutzmüller explains. Before joining the museum in 2015 he coordinated an extensive research project on the Jewish owned businesses in Berlin 1930-1945 at the Humboldt-University Berlin and worked as a senior historian for the House of the Wannsee Conference.
Elvin Ausverkauf: Die Vernichtung der jüdischen Gewerbetätigkeit in Berlin, 1930
  • Quentin Instead of highlighting that the album shows a very special situation the narrative of the album became to represent Auschwitz or even the Holocaust at large.
  • Errol I realized that I am not better than my grandfather; I could have done the same things.
Andrew The Participants: The Men of the Wannsee Conference
  • Garth Ausverkauf: Die Vernichtung der jüdischen Gewerbetätigkeit in Berlin, 1930—1945, Christoph Kreutzmüller Berlin: Metropol, 2012 , 428 pp.
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  • Marty But, while being a vital source, neither the album nor the photographs have ever been analyzed at depth.
  • GuadalupeChristoph Kreutzmüller of the Jewish Museum Berlin reveal their stories, discuss their post-war fates, and examine the ways in which this meeting is understood in present-day Germany.