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  • Maxwell Das habe ich nie gedacht, dass bei Farben Schwächen helfen kann.
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  • Ricky Just had my second migraine ever last night plus aura and saw the visual snow illustration on Wikipedia and recognized it immediately.
  • Rufus However, getting a diagnosis can be difficult, especially if the accompanying symptoms get more attention than the visual disturbance.
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  • Angela Try to be understanding and sensitive to the fact that they may experience anxiety and depression as a result of the condition.
  • Betty Seitdem habe ich berufliche Einschränkungen. The key symptom that ChromaGen Lenses addresses are words that appear to be moving on the page when reading.
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  • Roscoe Once you have evaluated ChromaGen and want to determine if you will benefit from ChromaGen lenses, you can take the ChromaGen Survey. Thank you so much for this article.
  • Rodrigo When the patient selects the right color combination during the assessment an immediate improvement can be experienced including clearer text, ease of reading and word and number recognition. Previously, I had thought that everybody experienced this.
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  • Abdul My head and ears have constant pressure, my head feels very big sometimes, and I feel disconnected from my body sometimes.
  • Jonas Dies liegt wohl vor allem daran, dass die Linsen die Lichteinstrahlung dämpfen.
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  • Nestor Where can I go, and who can I talk to for treatment options? Trotzdem stellt die Erkenntnis aus der Forschung geleitet von Jie Huang einen wichtigen Schritt zur Behandlung von Migränepatienten dar. Two weeks before the initial onset there was an aura episode as well, no migraine pain through, maybe a different cause? Jetzt hab ich über einen Freund einen Zeitungsbericht bekommen und da war ein Optiker genannt, der Farbschwächen mit Kontaktlinsen korrigiert.
  • Burl It has become a part of life i dont even think of it. Dachte mir ich bring es hier mal ein.
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  • Vernon You can view how it looks through the two main tints here: Please let know if you have any other questions.
  • Fritz Then proper colors returned but I fell into a rut of the typical visual snow symptoms described here by others.
  • Solomon I feel like I am on acid or magic mushrooms when trying to drive at night.
  • Guillermo You may find this article helpful: Feel free to email for additional assistance. Please email me at if you have any questions or need help choosing a pair of glasses.
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  • Dion This makes it super hard for me to sleep! This results in the blurring and distortion to writing that many dyslexics notice, and which others may experience but do not realize is abnormal. I think the glare is better and halos smaller but the light flares and starburts are still are very bothersome.
  • Jonathan The outdoor lens too dark to use indoors, but provides great visibility outdoors with protection from the sun. Thank you for publishing an informative article on visual snow.
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  • Bradly Broadband — In this type of visual snow, there is a fuzzy or snowy appearance over the visual field like a television that gets poor reception or is turned to an out of service channel.
  • Mason Pulse Type — In this type of visual snow there are dots are uniform in size and are scattered across the visual field. Auch bei der Auswahl des Wunsch-Studienfachs erfährt der Betroffene eine entscheidende Unterstützung, die ohne Chromagen Kontaktlinsen gar nicht möglich wäre.
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  • Victor This powerful video shows how one woman perceives her struggle with visual snow:. But on the other hand i wish noone had to deal with this condition.
  • Faustino To hide the tinted lens, a neutral grey finish is available so that the best cosmetic effect is achieved.