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Chad Cinedom Köln
  • Mathew Today, the continent holds evidence of that world, frozen beneath its ice and snow.
  • Ismael Hamburgers and fresh salad variations are the main ingredients of the outstanding menu. In addition, cool drinks and delicious snacks invite to linger.
Tracy Movies
  • Earle D3D will also upgrade the audio system with a dome-optimized surround-sound speaker array delivering 25,000 watts of power for an incredibly lifelike and immersive aural experience, capable of reproducing the clap of a sonic boom or the whisper of an evening breeze with equal fidelity. Wells Fargo CineDome The Wells Fargo CineDome offers a cinema experience unlike any other in Sioux Falls! Feature Film Times subject to change based on special events, groups, and other factors.
  • Jamal The Tribe operates a variety of economic enterprises, which employ hundreds of area residents.
Lemuel Cinedome Muri
  • Santos The same project that resulted in construction of the Cinedome also produced Allen W.
Alonzo Cinedome Abtwil
  • Marco Concessions at the Wells Fargo CineDome Concessions are available for movies at the Wells Fargo CineDome. The Wells Fargo CineDome shows a variety of mission-based, educational documentaries.
Angelo Cinedome Abtwil
  • Micah Like the other Cinedome theaters in California, it was a project of Syufy Enterprises Century Theatres , and was designed by architect Vincent G.
  • Stan This cutting edge technology will enable the Exploreum to greatly expand its various educational and professional programs. Boxoffice Magazine ran an article about it in their January, 1983, issue, mentioning that it had opened just a year earlier.
Chad D3D Cinema and Christie Announce Laser CineDome
  • Brice Fresh ingredients and the best quality — all that guests could wish for. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians is an active partner in the state of Alabama, contributing to economic, educational, social and cultural projects benefiting both Tribal Members and residents of these local communities and neighboring towns.
Carl Cinedome 8 Fremont in Fremont, CA
  • Luciano All showtimes are subject to change.
Osvaldo D3D Cinema and Christie Announce Laser CineDome
  • Clayton Now playing on the Poarch Band of Creek Indians Digital Dome Theater for a limited time only! The Laser CineDome solution premiered in late 2016 as a premium giant dome projection platform, designed to replace film-based 70mm theater systems in museums and science centers.
Matt Cinedom Köln
  • Irving Powerful yet energy efficient, the new projectors operate on single-phase 220V power and do not require specialized exhaust for heat dispersal, making them significantly more cost-effective than competitor models and dramatically simplifying site preparation requirements related to projection system upgrades.
Deborah Dome Theater
  • Allan The Cinedome 7 opened on December 18, 1981 with 2,400 seats in 7-screens, and was the largest movie theatre to operate in Fremont.
  • Emory Please call ahead to make sure we are open, especially if you are driving a long distance to visit. It will feature ultra-high 6K resolution via a trio of advanced Christie laser projectors, high frame rate capability up to 120 fps , and outstanding contrast ratios.
Jeffery Dome Theater
  • Tyrone In the brand new theater, special effects can be experienced first hand and with all five senses.
Kristopher Cinedom Köln
  • Noel Cinedome Abtwil As of Thursday, November 7th, the Cinedome in Abtwil offers first-class cinema for all the senses! Somebody who has actually been there will probably turn up eventually to let us know. Viewers of all ages will enjoy meeting the newest dinosaurs, like Cryolophosaurus, and other creatures in the film—as well as the dedicated scientists who explore the warming continent to find them.