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Guy Datenübertragung mit iOS, Android & Windows Phone
  • Victor On Windows, there are a number of photo-management programs available.
Corey How to Transfer Your Contacts From Android to iPhone
  • Woodrow First of all, download the Android version of dr.
Tim How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7
  • Byron Both platforms are quite mature at this stage, having existed for more than a decade. A while later, all types of data can be detected from your iCloud account.
Sal So übertragen Sie Android Daten auf das iPhone
  • Buddy Win 10 Mobile promises to address this issue, and allow for some type of emulation, but I am a little skeptical that this will work out.
Gerard How to decide between Android and iPhone
  • Emmett Whatever your issue is, it's nice to have a place to go — and what better place for iPhone users than the Apple Store. I currently use a Windows 8 phone Lumia 635 , and want to point out that the app support is currently somewhere between limited and nonexistent.
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  • Dee Connect your device to the computer Open dr.
  • Darwin This might seem like a shallow reason, but Apple obviously makes a wide breadth of tech products, and if you already own a Mac, iPad or Apple Watch, getting an iPhone makes a lot of sense. If you need a new battery or a screen replacement and you didn't purchase a protection plan from the retailer you bought it from, you'll probably have to ship it back to the manufacturer.
Cyrus iPhone
  • Stuart Nothing wrong with a windows phone.
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  • Scott Or perhaps you want a screen protector installed on it, and you'd rather have it handled by a professional, who will slap that film on with nary a bubble or speck of dust. You won't find a single piece of carrier software preloaded on an iPhone, making for a clean out-of-the-box experience.
  • Kent Read on to learn what you'll be able to move to.
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  • Hollis Only a handful of Android phone makers have hardware ecosystems that approach Apple's, and even for some that come close, like Samsung, you won't get the depth of integration possible between the iPhone and other Apple-built devices. Android-device ownership is a bit harder in those respects.
Damian 10 Reasons the iPhone Beats Android
  • Cliff If you're extremely particular about the technology you use, you might find Android more liberating — dare I say, fun — though you'll also likely lament the relative lack of high-quality apps and accessories. The actual scanning time depends on the amount of data stored in your iPhone.
  • Tony With Family Sharing on the iPhone, Mom, Dad and the kids can share purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks with up to six people.
Jasper Read This Before Switching From Android to iPhone
  • Alphonso That means it's clean from the very start, with no power- or data-siphoning apps you didn't ask for sabotaging things behind the scenes. They dont have enough space so you can actually update the apps on them Unless you know which one to get thats not expensive I haven't got anything that I would need a windows app for.
  • Steven Google doesn't offer easy family sharing on Android devices, but Android does benefit from a much better selection of the.
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  • Rickie Backuptrans Android iPhone Data Transfer Plus 3.
  • Mark You cant on Android unless you root it.