Der überläufer trailer. Перебежчик (2020)

Randal Top Spione Werner Stiller, der Überläufer
  • Kenny Proska's encounter with a young Polish woman fighting as a partisan and his friendship with his comrade Kürschner increasingly makes him doubt his oath of allegiance. At the same time he falls in love with Polish partisan Wanda.
  • Deborah End of the story contains surprising situations.
Amado Der Überläufer
  • Bryan That makes him doubt rationality of war especially when Germany is on its way to defeat.
  • Jonas Proska notices that soldier life hasn't been good for anyone of them.
Jed Перебежчик (2020)
  • Dominick Together with a scattered bunch of fellow soldiers, cut off from the front, he awaits certain death while his commanding officer, Willi Stehauf, issues ever more senseless and inhumane orders. Touching story between the will to survive and what sacrifices had to be made behind the Iron Curtain.
Lenard Перебежчик (2020)
  • Maurice Adaption von Siegfried Lenz' gleichnamigen Bestseller.
  • Randolph As the Red Army draws closer, Proska becomes a prisoner of war and the only way he can save himself is by defecting to the enemy. The flashback part in 1989 was not necessary and rather downgrade the book, also the somewhat abrupt ending.
Ian Перебежчик (2020)
  • AlfonzoThere is with him some other German soldiers, their brutal Officer and many Polish partisans against them. Very well played by Lara and beautifully realized thanks to great costumes, set design and camera.
Donn Перебежчик (2020)
  • Bryon Things like defection, almost impossible love and solutions at the end story make this series better than average war film. We also see what happened between Wanda and Proska.
Stuart Der Überläufer
  • Ervin I think the plot is more challenging than usually. This isn't so typical than many war films.
  • Joshua. In dieser verzweifelten Situation begegnet er der Partisanin Wanda Malgorzata Mikolajczak.
Melissa Перебежчик (2020)
  • Lorenzo Doch der Zug, der ihn an die Front befördern soll, wird von Partisanen angegriffen.
Kevin Top Spione Werner Stiller, der Überläufer
  • Hank The Turncoat name in English is based on the novel by German author Siegfried Lenz. Walter findet sich in einer Gruppe versprengter Wehrmachtsangehöriger wieder, die vom Rest der Truppe im Stich gelassen wurden und von Feinden umzingelt um ihr Leben bangen.
  • Monroe Turns of the war like being as war prisoner of Red Army and joining to that army are turning points of story.
Tommie Перебежчик (2020)
  • Lewis Sie und Walters Kamerad Kürschner Sebastian Urzendowsky lassen ihn immer mehr an der Richtigkeit seines Einsatzes und seines Fahneneides zweifeln.
Barton Fifty Shades of Grey 3 Trailer (mit Dakota Johnson)
  • Milton Worthwhile to see for both the historic era and the tender relationship between the protagonist and the doctor.