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Jeffry Luigi Colani
  • Amy Began designing cars and furniture Colani was born as Lutz Colani in Berlin in 1928 and lived the latter part of his life in Shanghai, China.
  • Bob Luigi Colani, one of four children, was born as Lutz Colani in Berlin on August 2 1928 to a Swiss father who was a filmset designer.
Roman Idiosyncratic Designer Luigi Colani Created Some Weird Cars, And That's Why We Needed Him
  • Peter Additionally, his family lived near the old Templehof airfield and the young Colani saw the most advanced planes, production and prototype alike, flying overhead — a source of continual fascination. His son Solon Luigi Colani lives in Berlin where he also works as a designer and does special effects work in the movie industry.
Luther German industrial designer Luigi Colani dies at 91 » Albuquerque Journal
  • Kyle With a career spanning almost six decades, Colani has applied his unique design style to produce cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, ceramics and consumer goods, as well.
  • Edwardo He started to design and build his own one-off prototype car bodies and won a Golden Rose design award for an interpretation of a Fiat for the future.
Sergio luigi colani: retrospective biodesign codex show
  • Jimmy In 1986, one of his motorcycles set a world record in Italy.
Sang German industrial designer Luigi Colani dies at 91 » Albuquerque Journal
  • Jimmy While the design world has spent decades endeavoring like the Renaissance to quantify design tasks in terms of rules and laws, Colani acts like the Mannerists who succeeded the Renaissance and breaks all the rules to paint an unpredictable and moving picture of how the future could be designed. The award-winning walrus moustache thinned a bit as he grew older, but was remained a constant, as did the unruly mane above When he went out, it would frequently be in his bespoke white suits, sometimes with a white cape.
Gregorio Colani: VISIONS IN DESIGN
  • Jerrold He set records in a specially-designed at in 1991.
Bennett Luigi Colani, radical, maverick designer whose curvaceous, streamlined visions influenced the likes of Zaha Hadid
  • Everett In 2011 he had a major exhibition in Munich.
  • Quinton Luigi Colani, who has died aged 91, was a renowned designer who embraced radical thinking and influenced European product design.
  • Lee His work in Japan for Canon in the 1970s and 1980s produced a number of fine cameras and other designs.
  • Jorge Few designers knew that it was Colani who sculpted the figures of athletes displayed at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Sergio German industrial designer Luigi Colani dies at 91 » Albuquerque Journal
  • Lupe After the war, Colani would enrol in the Academy of Arts in Berlin studying sculpture and fine art before leaving for Paris to study at the École Polytechnique, where he took a particular interest in aerodynamics. By 1970, he had enough steady work to create his own studio where he began to work with clients beyond Europe.
  • Rudy Many designers saw him as genius with remarkable future-vision. In 1999, Rosenthal promoted a special edition of his now-famous design.
Devon German industrial designer Luigi Colani dies at 91 » Albuquerque Journal
  • Marlon Having achieved recognition and financial independence, he refused to be part of the corporate world. Moving to auto design, in 1954, he received the Golden Rose international prize for creation and design, in , Switzerland, for special bodywork; he would be the originator of many Fiat designs in the coming years.