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Brain ARD DeutschlandTREND September 2015
  • Keith Englischsprachige Inhalte mit Bezug zu Deutschland. Germany rolls back coronavirus restrictions All lockdown and no play.
  • Ismael Germany rolls back coronavirus restrictions Home visits and larger groups in some states Across most of Germany, people are still not allowed to meet in groups larger than two if they are not part of a single household. .
Michelle Positive German coronavirus response stems from leadership
  • Joel That arrangement is now proving an asset in confronting the coronavirus. The states and federal government are also cooperating closely in obtaining and allocating supplies such as ventilators and personal protection equipment for healthcare workers.
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  • Shawn Following the Berlin voting, the AfD deputy chief vowed that his party would become the third largest force in the 2017 federal parliamentary elections.
  • Hector Die Grünen landen in der Sonntagsfrage bei 22 Prozent -1 und wären auch weiterhin zweitstärkste Kraft im Bundestag.
Randell Germans rally behind Merkel government’s coronavirus response
  • Jackson Meanwhile, the state of Saarland is again allowing people to visit each other in their homes.
  • Houston Pollsters also asked respondents how concerned they were about losing personal freedoms as a result of the lockdown. This forgotten toy at a playground in the country's most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, might be reunited with its owner as early as Thursday, May 7th.
Kenneth ARD DeutschlandTREND November 2015
  • Moises Beyond the economic impact of the crisis, social aspects of the lockdown have also taken on a sense of urgency, with more attention focused on the well-being of children.
  • Felipe Ein Drittel der Bürger 32 Prozent ist mit der Arbeit von Schwarz-Rot im Bund derzeit sehr zufrieden bzw. Tracking the coronavirus in California: latest numbers Support our journalism with a subscriptionHave a question about coronavirus? According to the latest Deutschlandtrend report by political research firm Infratest Dimap, a majority of respondents in both western and eastern Germany said that reunification has brought personal advantages, although the results also indicate a negative shift in the east.
Angelo Positive German coronavirus response stems from leadership
  • Maxwell Emergency aid programs, seem to have allayed fears in that regard.
  • Linwood Milbradt said she was never much of a Merkel fan — but acknowledged that the government seemed to be doing its job.
Armand Merkel's conservatives make big poll gains in midst of coronavirus crisis
  • Maxwell The environmentalist Greens were second on 19% but lost 3 points and fell below 20% for the first time in just over a year.
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  • Ismael Opinions differed, however, when it came to comparing the education systems and early childhood care, with eastern Germans saying the situation today was worse.
Lawrence Germans divided on unity legacy 30 years after fall of Berlin Wall
  • Antwan Amid the continuing crisis, many ordinary Germans are heartened by a sense of national solidarity. Even though the virus has hit some states harder than others, all 16 have essentially agreed to the same general rules, with only minor regional variations.