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Marion Nachwuchs und Junioren Mannschaften F.C. Hansa Rostock
  • Noah Like other East German teams, they were the victims of a harsh economic reality as the wealthier, well-established western sides bought up the most talented eastern footballers as their clubs struggled to survive financially: Rostock's , and were just three players sent west in exchange for cash. Liga, the third-highest in the league.
  • Troy Liga, while Ingolstadt won promotion to the 2.
Kieth Hansa Rostock Germany statistics, table, results, fixtures
  • Danial The team currently plays in the tier five.
  • Anderson Hansa Rostock drew an average home attendance of 11,433 in the 2016—17 3.
Garland F.C. Hansa Rostock
  • Rupert Last game played with , which ended with result: :. Bundesliga alongside the top two third tier teams which advanced automatically by virtue of their finishes.
Reggie 3. Liga im Liveticker: 1. FC Kaiserslautern gegen Hansa Rostock
  • Cesar In ten years spent in the Bundesliga, the team's best results were a pair of sixth-place finishes. The club itself as well some fans' associations are anxious to curtail these in several ways.
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  • Edmond Hansa Rostock is a based in the city of ,. Position Player 1 3 4 5 on loan from 6 7 9 Erik Engelhardt 10 13 Paul Wiese 14 15 16 17 on loan from No.
  • Errol Liga is undefeated from 6 matches in a row.
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  • Mathew Rostock had a very poor first half in the , earning only 1 win and 5 draws in 17 matches.
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  • Israel This was not an uncommon occurrence in East German football, as clubs were regularly renamed, re-structured, dismantled or shuffled from city to city at the direction of well-placed communist officials. In 2001, the stadium was refurbished and modified to accommodate 30,000 spectators.
  • Bennett Bundesliga, the club returned to the top-flight for the , but was again relegated. Hansa struggles with , estimating up to 500 supporters to be leaning towards violence.
Dorian F.C. Hansa Rostock e.V. der Fußballverein im Nordosten
  • Booker Hansa lost both legs of the contest and was sent down to the 3.
  • Jimmie It first reached Oberliga level in 1992 and has won three league championships at this level, in 2000, 2005 and 2012.
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  • Gus The area around Lauter, near the border, was well represented in football by competitive sides including , and , so politician ordered the reassignment of the footballers of Empor Lauter, over the futile protests of the team's local supporters, to Rostock. In 8 matches Hansa Rostock has not lost the goal.