Firefox 71 tabs unten. Need Firefox to show Tabs on bottom?

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  • Eldon In das nun %appdata% eingegeben wird.
  • Burton Fortunately I had all my styles backed-up, so I uninstalled Stylus and clean-re-installed it then restored my styles. I must say that I do not understand the current trend driving removal of interface functionality from browsers.
Winston How can I get tabs below in firefox 71.0?
  • Stephanie The actual line code that worked is: TabsToolbar { position: absolute! Thanks to you I understand i was wrong, that I must just avoid Firefox. You don't like it, don't use it! Dazu benötigt ihr die Chrome-Zip-Datei ihr euch bei mir herunterladen könnt.
Julius Tabs bottom not working since FF57
  • Erwin Sieht im Moment zwar noch wirr aus, aber ich versuche, die Werte morgen früh mal anzupassen. Ever since the demise of TabMixPlus, this has been an increasing struggle, but as of now 70.
Tony Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 Tabs unten anheften Toturial
  • Lester More often than not I have three or more of these browsers running at the same time and no, this is not as daft as it sounds.
Laverne Firefox 71 broke my tabs on bottom. tried fixes posted here and they aren't working :( : FirefoxCSS
  • Preston Now not only the menubar has the wrong color, now also the button to open a new tab has a wrong position ~1 pixel too high , the color above the opened tab has gone and an empty line seems to be added.
Adolph Firefox 71 broke my tabs on bottom. tried fixes posted here and they aren't working :( : FirefoxCSS
  • Issac The debate whether tabs should be on bottom or top in Firefox has waved for years.
  • Warren If i would be interested in more clueless browser developement i could also use Chrome or Opera.
Grant Firefox 72
  • Billy. It has only one purpose and that is to restore the tabs on bottom functionality in Firefox.
Kurt Get the multi
  • Henry For people who have a lot of open tabs it is necessary to be able to see all the tabs at once so that they have a map of where they all are.
  • Nathan If you are running Firefox Nightly, it already happened. Du benötigst Hilfe bezüglich Firefox? It remains to be seen how much interface functionality and options for customisation are restored to their new browser as the future unfolds but things do not look good at the moment and I have been doggedly hanging on to their currently obsolete classic 12.
Damon How to restore Tabs On Bottom in Firefox
  • Russel Rather than displaying the tabs in multiple rows, it shows them off the edge of the screen and forces you to have to scroll forwards or backwards to find them.
  • Orlando Bitte stelle deine Frage im öffentlichen Bereich des und nicht per Konversation an wahllos ausgesuchte Benutzer.
Virgil How can I get tabs below in firefox 71.0?
  • Lincoln It should not be confused with Tab Mix Plus' bottom display option which moves the tabs below the website to the bottom of the browser window. Könnte mir jemand sagen an was das liegen könnte? I know nothing about code and very little about modifying the css.
Clifton Tabs on Bottom fix for FF 71? : FirefoxCSS
  • Enrique Hi, just as an addition, I found the answer What you want to do is Open your userChrome. The solution from the topic 1274197 works for normal mode, but in private mode tabs are drawn behind bookmark panel.
  • Emily Mit der Tastenkombination Win+R ausführen öffnen.
Nathan Fx 73
  • Elmer We have mentioned all the Firefox about Easter egg features or you can say Firefox about commands in the single page of this article those you can use to perform operations and config tasks.