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Carroll Fritz Wunderlich
  • Quentin Always a hard-core skeptic, Doris wavers between doubt and belief.
  • Davis It is almost exclusively through these recordings that Wunderlich is known and remembered today outside Germany. Fritz Wunderlich: Biographie in German.
Ollie Fritz Wunderlich's death
  • Kory But Fritz will not stay buried. The northern nations long ago inherited a tradition of songs, originating around the fireplace as soldiers sat and sang of the day's conquests or failures, and tomorrow's challenge, the Icelandic sagas being a case in point.
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  • Ahmed Apparently, all who were there, including Prey, vowed they would never reveal the story as it would obciously destroy the reputation of Mrs.
Bret Fritz Wunderlich
  • Willard When sung in Italian, it is so often over-wrought, pushed in the wrong direction somehow it seems to me at least.
Michel Fritz Wunderlich's death
  • Santiago Exactly right - a friend of mine was actually interning at the hospital when they brought in Wunderlich - it was a head injury with internal hemorrhage - a terrible freak accident.
Carlo Review: Fritz Wunderlich
  • Curt Soon her hands are being pulled from letter to letter, and she and Fritz are having a lively conversation.
Randall Fritz Wunderlich's death
  • Lemuel And to hear Wunderlich sing it.
  • Cary It was the stairs, a fall, nothing more. From this epic background a great love of songs developed and remains important to this day.
Gerard Fritz Wunderlich
  • Max A male voice shouts inside her mind. Von Flotow actually knew what he was doing, incredible as that may seem to some: The trouble is that we are so Italian oriented in this country that even Italian translations of operatic arias are the ones that are known.
Drew Review: Fritz Wunderlich
  • Morgan And on a more mundane note, I have always felt that this aria was far better in German than Italian.
  • Herschel He brought to operettas a sensuousness and subtlety not heard since Richard Tauber.
Bart Fritz Wunderlich's death
  • Dylan Especially the death of anybody that famous? He fell from a stairway in a friend's country house in near due to carelessly tied shoes, and died in the University Clinic of just days before his 36th birthday. It was unquestionably one of the greatest musical tragedies of the twentieth century.
  • Wallace This is not to say one is better than the other, only to say that the tonal qualities of open vs.
Isidro Fritz Wunderlich
  • Tommie She can't continue living in two worlds, and Fritz must advance to a higher spiritual plane.