Fwg singen. Literatur im Internetzeitalter: Unsere Winzgeschichten

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  • Mary Nov Sonntag Frauenchor Frohsonn - Herbstabschluss Bürgerhaus 04.
  • Lyman Currently there are 17 students in this class e.
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  • Bruno Položaj opštine u okrugu Vajsenburg-Guncenhauzen Polsingen se nalazi u saveznoj državi u okrugu Vajsenburg-Guncenhauzen. Mär Sonntag Frühlingsfest Weingut Schüttler 01.
  • Antwan The principle of the school, Sabine Beck, welcomed the guests from Europe in the staffroom, where the teaching body and guests engaged in conversation. This initial meeting focused on.
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  • Franklin Our debaters Laura, Pia and Jasmin were debating on the opposition side, facing a very strong opponent with members of the German national debating team! Dieser Blog ist ein Klassenprojekt der Klasse 10 des Friedrich-Wöhler-Gymnasiums in Singen. Together they should come up with and work on questions for peer teaching materials.
  • Fritz The project team held an additional transnational project meeting M1a on this afternoon.
Judson Choral singing in Qaanaaq church
  • Aurelio Juli Samstag offene Weinprobe Weingut Gießen 14-19 Uhr Weingut Gießen 05. To the group, the different teams reported on their video recordings and exchanged their findings.
  • Stewart It was founded in 1972 with a profile focusing on languages and science. The following activities took place during the week.
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  • Blaine Canciones infantiles LittleBabyBum LittleBabyBum ® Español 600K views 12345 Una vez pesqué un pez vivo Canciones infantiles LittleBabyBum LittleBabyBum ® Espa Las ruedas del autobús Canciones infantiles LittleBabyBum LittleBabyBum ® Español 7. Still, our team put up a good fight.
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  • Lance Dez Mittwoch Seniorentreff Bürgerhaus 07.
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  • Toby Preparations: The activities of this week were already planned ahead along with the project partners in coherence with contract initiation.
  • Floyd Showing that a fusion of languages and cultures can be normal.
Billy Literatur im Internetzeitalter: Unsere Winzgeschichten
  • Russell This workshop was introduced as a way to reiterate the concept of inclusion and multilingualism as a means to literacy in terms of the priorities of the project.
  • Wyatt Apr Samstag Osterbrunch Weingut Schüttler 15. Our team took up the proposition side with Marina, Jasmin and Yasmina speaking.
Alonzo Literatur im Internetzeitalter: Unsere Winzgeschichten
  • Isiah As the learners were already contextually prepared, they could take part in the interactive presentation by commenting and asking questions. Kuch travelled to Würzburg for rounds 5—8.
  • Clark Mai Sonntag Frühstück im Weingut Weingut Schüttler 06. Texts which, for economic reasons, were not translated are displayed in French.
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  • Garrett In this matrix the learners gave specifics on their mother tongue and acquired foreign languages. From the beginning, its expressed goal was a new, student-orientated approach to secondary education and the implementation of new ways of learning.
  • Danny In the local culture exercise the learners were not familiarised with national symbols like flags, monuments or public holidays, moreover the exercise concerns the individual culture of a person and their environment.