Gasthaus rebhuhn. Food

Omar Food
  • Preston Bunt gemischtes Publikum von Uni bis Bürgertum. The portion size was almost too big even for him, and he eats a lot! I'm really pleased we chose to stay in the area that we did otherwise we would never have found this great gasthaus.
  • Carlton August bleibt das Rebhuhn für Renovierungsarbeiten geschlossen. A surprising add to the meal was a hint of apple jam.
  • Chester An unexpected but apparently very nice extra.
  • Frankie He did amazing - carrying up to five plates at once and a couple of checks to different tables simultaneously.
Marlon Gasthaus Rebhuhn (維也納)
  • Clayton Tafelspitz, Schnitzel and the grape juice were just great and the staff was quick and friendly.
  • Lamont We are looking forward to welcome you again soon! It was our last night in Vienna. Thumbs up for the waiter who seemed to run the place all alone.
Hal Gasthaus Rebhuhn, Vienna
  • Arnulfo For desserts we had strawberry yoghurt with strawberries and almond crunch. Although my boyfriend thought the menu was shorter in the English version we got compared to what he'd seen in German.
  • Alonzo Although I don't think to be a rude client, the staff gave us not even a smile. I ordered the vegetarian meal of the day: polenta with cherry tomatoes and spinach.
Rodrigo Gasthaus Rebhuhn, Berggasse 24, Vienna (2020)
  • Nathan The restaurant is away from the tourist areas and is frequented mainly by locals. Very filling but didn't leave me completely exhausted and full.
Bret A lucky find
  • Billy Oh and the food came to table very quickly - a definite plus.
  • Brent It was an excellent and fresh combination of flavours. The menu was rather short but was no problem for us.
Byron Food
  • Hollis The Rebhuhn will stay closed from August 3rd to 18th for renovations. The food is delicious and excellent value for money.
  • Brady They avoided my friend and me when we were asking for a dessert, so we leaved earlier unable to ask for other meals and drinks. Then we decided to try Rebhuhn and it felt like coming home.
Jerold Tageskarte
  • Marlon Of course there was staff in the kitchen, but the dining side was all his responsibility.
Reyes Gasthaus Rebhuhn, Wien
  • Barry We were happy to find this fresh treat on the menu as we were way too full to have any chockolate or cheese cake.
  • Bradley Although we couldn't see a menu outside we could see that it was busy inside which is always a good sign on a Monday evening and decided to give it a go.