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  • Galen Cities of boys are in their graves, and in this town. In 2013, produced an extensive radio interview with Lebel called L'iconoclaste Jean-Jacques Lebel in 5 parts that was broadcast on.
  • Donna Beginning in 1955, Lebel published a poetry journal called Front Unique and organized various nomadic poetry festivals, such as La Libre Expression Free Expression in 1964 and Polyphonix in 1979.
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  • Porfirio A Some ideas can not be tolerated and may not be a subject for discussion. Lady Day bows her neck under a pyramid of oily black rocks.
  • ChristoperWith a copy of the catalogue, he continued to polish them as he traveled on.
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  • Daniel Everyone's world shifted a little during the ballad.
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  • Jim What fascinated him in about the Heart Sutra mantra was the formal connection to haiku, Japan's 17 syllable lyric poem form rooted in Zen awareness of particulars. Some three hundred works in all.
  • Marcus Q If they are bad ideas then they can be discussed, your ideas can be put forward, opposing ideas can be challenged and debated, some form of compromise can be reached surely? In the half-light of dawn a few birds warble under the Pleiades. A mountain outside a room inside a skull above Snow on the mountain flowers in the room thoughts in the skull Snow mountain fields seen thru transparent wings of a fly on the windowpane.
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  • Dewey Three Ukranian kids about seventeen or eighteen had come nearly penniless to Vienna to hear Allen read.
Dustin Allen Ginsberg, Collected Haiku
  • Bryant Sometime into the night as we sat at a cluster of tables Allen placed his harmonium in front of him and asked the poet Bernhard Widder, seated alongside, to turn the pages of a book while he sang.
  • Edmond Q Yes, I saw that, I wholeheartedly agree.
  • Nestor These ideas are not for discussion.
  • Lucien Since 2001 he has frequently exhibited his Manifestation Itinérante and his animation Reliquaire pour un culte de Vénus that is based on the concept of vénusté as put forward by.
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  • Sanford Whatcha looking at me like that for? Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha I think he was trying to locate something comparable in the Hindu mantra which millions of Brahmans chant each dawn in India.
  • Mickey He was also very interested in Buddhism for the second half of his life, and probably the central mantra or wisdom phrase of Buddhism comes from the Heart Sutra.
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  • Samuel Beginning in 1867 with the publication of 's Introduction to the Rabbinic Bible, Hebrew and English, with notices, and the Masoret haMasoret of , in , with translation and commentary, Ginsburg took rank as an eminent Hebrew scholar.
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  • Jeremiah The first result was a translation of the , with a historical and critical commentary, published in 1857. And I realized then how little all the fame and media attention, crowds, travel, glory meant to him when he had caught the shimmering moment of no past and no future.
  • Aubrey January 24, 1997 Courageous little lemon with so many pits! He defended and against charges of espionage put forth by the authorities.
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  • Ramiro Social Sciences 3 : 148—150. I don't think he wanted to reach this conclusion.