Gntm finalistinnen. Germany's Next Topmodel (season 9)

Mitchell gntm finalistin 2015
  • Neal Franziska Knuppe visits Ipuro at Ambiente trade fair 2019. Later, a photo-shoot at has the girls posing with a snake, where Ivana produces the best picture, followed by Jolina, Sarah and Aminata.
  • Darius Nachdem 21 in der letzten Show leider kein Foto von Model-Mama 46 erhalten hat, sind nur noch acht Kandidatinnen im Rennen um den begehrten Titel.
Merlin GNTM 2020: Finalistinnen verraten?
  • Randell Während die Top 8 noch um den Sieg kämpft, zeigt sich die vergangene Siegerin 22 komplett nackt.
  • Tad The challenge later follows where the girls have to film a commercial with a male model, Samantha and Antonia leave Thomas Hayo unimpressed, while Lisa's performance is said to be horrible and even making judge Wolfgang Joop laugh, but it is Sarah who delivers the best performance earning herself immunity with Sainabou being second. Stefanie fails at both and lands herself in the bottom two however it is Emma who the judges feel is just not ready yet and is sent packing.
Emily Weißt du Bescheid? DAS wurde aus den GNTM
  • Donny She walked for , , , , , and and other designers at Paris, Milan and London fashion week, became the face of Joffroy make-up and a campaign for , had a spread in , Kaltblut, Flanelle, Perk, Factice and Up magazines and modelled for the covers of Quality, Perk and Up magazines thus making her one of the most successful alumni of Germany's Next Top Model.
Diego Germany’s next Topmodel: Simone Kowalski gewinnt das GNTM
  • Orlando The girls do a runway training afterwards where Nancy and Jolina surprise the judges, but in the end Ivana is deemed best.
Ramon GNTM 2020: Foto verrät: Diese Kandidatinnen stehen im Finale!
  • Russell The three finalist and the 3 eliminated girls travel to the for a few days.
  • Reggie At a casting for only Jolina and Ivana reach the second round with Ivana booked for her fourth job what results in Ivana's immunity.
Toby Germany's Next Topmodel (season 9)
  • Orville After the catwalk Nancy and Karlin are sent home. Simona and Jana are sent home for their problems at the photo shoots.
Donnell Germany’s next Topmodel: Simone Kowalski gewinnt das GNTM
  • Rex She appeared in the show Topmodel on Tour, and had her own feature called Betty Goes Tokyo in the German tabloid program.
Luke GNTM 2020: Foto verrät: Diese Kandidatinnen stehen im Finale!
  • Alfredo When visiting an agency Jolina gets the offer to sign with. Some find it hard to part with their old looks, whilst other's are happy to undergo the change.
  • Percy The winner of the competition was 17-year-old Stefanie Giesinger from.
Austin GNTM 2020: Finalistinnen, Finale, Max & ich
  • Philip These three are also the ones to struggle at the catwalk, where the girls have to walk in underwear and wings.
Quinton gntm finalistin 2015
  • Mohammed Most of the girls impress at the photo shoot, with Ivana, Aminata and Samantha performing best and Betty, Sarah and Nathalie struggling. At judging the girls walk in outfits designed by Wolfgang, where Sarah is once again castigated for regressing in performance and she is sent home.