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Mauricio Heinz Edelmann
  • Juan The cases are rarely spectacular and neither are the police officers, although Heinz Engelmann is great as the tough old cop and Helmut Lange gives a delightful version of a gentleman detective in Strandkorb 421.
Mike Heinz Engelmann (Schauspieler)
  • Ollie He also made more and more dubbing he was the German voice of stars like John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Rock Hudson, William Holden, etc. From 1968 to 1970 he was a partner in a small animation company in , but his desire at the time to work on more feature films was not realised.
  • Heath He was born in , , into the Czech-German family of Wilhelm Edelmann and Josefa née Kladivová Edelmann.
Efrain Stahlnetz (TV Series 1958
  • Roosevelt He is remembered particularly for his participation to several series such as Förster Horn 1966 in the title role , Drei Frauen im Haus 1968 , with Magda Schneider and Junger Herr auf altem Hof 1969.
Faustino Stahlnetz (TV Series 1958
  • Jose Heinz Edelmann 1982 Heinz Edelmann 20 June 1934 — 21 July 2009 was a illustrator and designer.
Bart Hermann Engelmann Obituary
  • Claude Heinz Engelmann verstarb am 25.
Tracy Heinz Edelmann
  • Melvin Between 1961 and 1969 he was a regular illustrator and cover designer for the internationally renowned youth magazine. It has to be said though that both shows do not have much more in common with each other than the catchy theme tune.
  • Douglas The first couple of episodes are nowadays fairly tedious to watch as the are documentary in character and don't make much use of the possibilities of film.
Dee Heinz Engelmann
  • Aldo All in all the variety is amazing. Ab 1941 war Engelmann tatsächlich und geriet in -Gefangenschaft.
Ty Heinz Engelmann
  • Dwayne But it's also interesting to see what's not there: there are some references to Germany's not so distant past at the time and some of it is really done in a clever way but never about the personal past of the investigating coppers.
Lenard Hermann Engelmann Obituary
  • Jayson One of the last times Heinz Engelmann appeared in the flesh was in Barbet Schroeder's classic about drugs More 1969.