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  • Jacob This natural partly uncovered these mineable deposits, which enabled their exploration and extraction using.
  • Miguel Life in Mülheim is intermediate between the more urban, downstream, and the more rural life of the upstream.
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  • Linwood The Ruhr flows through the city from south-east to north-west for a distance of 14 km 9 miles dividing it into two districts: Broich on its left western bank and Kirchenhügel Church Hill on its right east bank. Here the Ruhr cuts more than 50 meters deep into this.
  • Terry At the time of the city's 200th anniversary with approximately 170,000 residents, it was counted among the smaller cities of Germany.
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  • Hank The bridge Mintarder Ruhrtalbrücke in Mülheim, crosses the Ruhr connecting and The Ruhr leaves the foothills of the and enters the at Mülheim. The central city lies on both banks of the river, about 12 kilometres 7 miles east of where the Ruhr discharges into the.
  • Colby Largest groups of foreign residents by 31. Die zelebriert Helge gemeinsam mit seiner Band: Bassist Ira Coleman, Schlagzeuger Willy Ketzer und dem Saxofonspieler Tyree Glenn jr.
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  • BeauWith more than 50% covered by greenery and forest, the city is regarded as an attractive place to live between and the rest of the.
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  • Stuart However, the coal-rich layers became ever deeper as one progressed northward, which required setting up to extract the black coal. Bevor sie sich, jedenfalls vorerst, von der Bühne verabschieden, schauen Helge und seine Freunde für zwei Freiluftkonzerte Konzerte Anfang September in Hamburg und Kiel vorbei.
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  • Jarrett It is the home of two and, since 2009, the technical college Ruhr West.
  • Lucas The former leather and coal city had successfully made a complete transformation to a diversified economic centre. Dank Helge wissen wir, dass ein Klapperstrauß kein Bärenhase ist, wo die Trompeten von Mexiko wohnen, wie Udo Lindenberg beim Arzt hustet und Schachtelhalm das erste Lebewesen war, wann man den Garten verkehrt herum betreten sollte und es an der Ampel grau wird.
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  • Myles In contrast, the broad dead arm of a river of Styrum borough is characteristic of the features of the Lower Rhine Plain. Mülheim received its town charter in 1808, and 100 years later the population exceeded 100,000, making Mülheim officially a city.
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  • George It is home to many companies, especially in the food industry, such as the , the Harke Group and the. Wikimedia Commons has media related to.
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  • Lindsey. Ein Muss für alle, die da hingehen wollen! It has a on the important railway between and is served by lines and.
  • Herbert It is located in the between , , and. .
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