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  • Bret The easternmost point is between Rothenschirmbach inside and Hornburg already outside the catchment area , both south of. Euskirchen: Amt für Geoinformationswesen der Bundeswehr.
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  • Cliff This was added to the coat of arms in 2003, as potash had been being mined here for a hundred years. Many of these items were captured from libraries, offices and even private homes as the German Army advanced into neighboring countries.
  • Sal Near the river is joined by the waters of the from the Harz.
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  • Beau The villages of Osterhagen in the northwest and Blankenheim Mansfeld-Südharz district in the northeast lie directly on the watershed.
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  • Dino Arno Singewald's research and inventions, the German potash-mining industry could introduce a thoroughly novel, environmentally friendly means of processing the mined salts. The bend wavy sinister, that is, slanted wavy stripe beginning on the sinister armsbearer's left, viewer's right side and stretching down across the , stands for the river Werra.
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  • ManuelMost of the local population speak the northern.
  • Colby The printed papers and books were mostly incorporated into our main collection, but a significant portion of the materials were never cataloged, calendared or indexed. It is located in central Germany between the southern slopes of and northern slopes of the hills on the lowlands of the.
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  • William Its lies amongst the northern foothills of the between and by the Helmspring.
  • Marquis With the opening of the works, which began mining in 1903, the community got its first industrial jobs.
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  • Orval The enfeoffed the nobleman Heinrich von Heringen about 1170 with the place. Market rights were granted the community in 1526, and in 1977 came town rights to what was then a greater community formed out of several smaller former communities.
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  • Rodolfo The town lies on the river , surrounded by outliers of the , the and the , all mountain or hill ranges.
  • Ronald There are also successor buildings of the knightly estate of Vultejus.
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  • Royal The south-south-east encompasses the north and east slopes of the Hutberg and Weinberg near. These facilities built at the along the Werra have also seen to it that a river that was once thoroughly salted — by potash works — has been brought back to life.
  • Randy Later, the Neu-Heringen and Herfa-Neurode potash mines were built. The Heringen court comprised in the early 15th century not only the current town area but also the Thuringian centres of Vitzeroda, Gasteroda and Abteroda, all of which now belong to the.
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  • Marcos After former mining director Prof. The lowest point in town is found on the Werra floodplain at 210 m above.