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  • Wilmer Cover the dish tightly and let it marinate for at least eight hours -- overnight is better. In the summer months, you can zoom down the mountain on the toboggan run, and with snowfall the mountain range transforms into a winter wonderland and popular piste.
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  • Donnie Most are made of steel, onto which are sweated panels of silver, copper or bronze, with copper wire loops.
  • Charlie The commander read to the students, while his wife, Jackie, taught a cardio workout class to third and fourth graders.
  • Ramon Pungent, rich and delicious, spiessbraten is a culinary gem among the gems.
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  • Dino Firefighters are on duty in a nursing home during a fire.
  • Derrick Goldsmith Hans-Peter Weyrich in his workshop in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, 19 January 2017. Thankfully, the car ride is short and picturesque.
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  • Kendrick There are tiny jewel plants, dainty gold-wire trees with leaves of jewels -- blue, lavender, pink, pale and dark green.
  • Fernando Among my favorites are those inspired by and shaped like a stylized gerba or their traditional goatskin water containers Schienerl 1986. The 70-year old has carved the 57 kg bowl with measurements of 90 cm length, 60 cm breadth and 46 cm height out of an 1.
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  • Donny Not all of these may have been made by Tuaregs, as the workmanship is quite similar between Tuareg and Mauritanian smiths, although the latter usually have better equipped workshops and tools. It is known throughout Europe for having a vast collection of … jewelry lovers brace yourselves … gemstones! But there is more to the mystery of spiessbraten's flavor than the way it's cooked.
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  • Jamar But while you're there, don't neglect the other wonders.
  • Jules Nestled in a rocky gorge carved out by the Nahe River, it is world famous for the precious stones that once were mined, and are still cut, polished and set here. Artist Hans Schindler won the 41st Jewelry and Gemstone Award 2010 for the piece of jewelry.
  • Barbara But while not the Olympian original, it made you smack your lips and surrender your dignity fighting for the last succulent piece off the platter.
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  • Jerrold Gemstones — A miracle of nature Gemstones inspire us with their mystical beauty, their extraordinary rarity and their unsurpassable durability.