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  • Jason The firm also produces and distributes other mineral fertilizers, such as those from and.
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  • Casey In 1947 large parts of the factory were rebuilt and in the summer of 1948 production of susperphosphate in September 1948 production of Kampdünger resumed. The factory was demolished and after the decontamination of the premises the new Cologne police departments headquarters and the Köln Arcaden shopping mall were built on the former factory premises.
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  • Phillip The company was also one of the owners of the coal istillation plant Ammonium GmbH in Weitmar near and held interests in domestic and international Thomas steel mills producing slag. Grüneberg developed a new chemical process to produce potassium chloride from carnallite.
  • Dexter During the in Philadelphia in 1876, the company was awarded a gold medal for having first manufactured Potash and Potash salts, according to Leblanc's process, on a manufacturing scale , and for the purity of the products exhibited.
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  • Laverne The area was known for its deposits of a , a compound of and named after its discoverer, the Prussian mining engineer Rudolf von Carnall. This is how we want to earn the trust of all market participants in the quality and reliability of our work.
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  • Brendan In 1860 Grüneberg finished his doctoral studies and received a Ph. The company continued to expand, with a factory producing ammonium sulfate opening in 1865 in Raderberg near Cologne incorporated into Cologne in 1888.
  • Maxwell Positiv ausgewirkt hat sich laut Quartalsbericht auch ein gestiegener Marktpreis für Kaliumchlorid.
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  • Kennith Abstract: In a method for manufacturing potassium chloride with a K. During this time the management again considered a move of the factory from Kalk to Godorf, but after a study concluded that a moving the factory would be more costly than staying in Kalk the already purchased land in Godorf was sold.
Quinn K+S
  • Mel A small laboratory building and the water tower which had been listed as a historic landmark were preserved.
  • Royce Auch ein spürbar höherer Salzabsatz werde trotz umfangreicherem Logistikaufwands eine leichte Ergebnissteigerung mit sich bringen. To guarantee the water supply in the main factory in Kalk a water tower with an integrated chimney and a height of 43.
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  • Wade As a location for the new factory they chose what was then the small village of Kalk incorporated into in 1910 on the right bank of the Rhine. In 1974 the factory had 1800 employees, had a revenue of 400 million and was active in the production of sodium carbonate, , , phosphate for animal feed and fertilizers.
  • Drew In 1860 the factory also began to produce , which was crystallized from. Nachdruck nach dem Original von 1910 in German Edition Kalk ed.
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  • Ian Plans to open a Chemische Fabrik Kalk museum in the water tower have not been realized. Transparent and fair financial communication is our standard.
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  • Rafael In 1999 the company was renamed K+S. Ein 1,5 km langes Förderband transportiert das Abraumsalz auf den Berg.
  • Jules In 2003 the new Cologne police department headquarters were opened. Gedämpft worden seien die Ergebnisse aber durch die eingeschränkte Personal- und Maschinenverfügbarkeit am Werk Werra.