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  • Jonas In summer 1999, Krassnitzer presented the film series Wunderland as a personal love letter to Austria, in which he presented his favorite music and his favorite places.
  • Abe Award women of the future at the Panoramadeck Emporio Tower.
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  • Ali He appeared as a co-moderator alongside Peter Rapp at the Gala in 1998.
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  • Jasper Bernd erwartet nun von Judith, daß sie ihn zukünftig pflegt.
  • Myron Krassnitzer is committed to Hilfswerk Austria.
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  • Solomon German actors Burghart Klaussner L and Ann-Kathrin Kramer attends the first award ceremony of the German television academy in Cologne, Germany, 1 October 2013. German actress Ann-Kathrin Kramer arrives for the Hesse Film Prize 2013 at the Aöte Oper opera house in Frankfurt, Germany, 11 October 2013.
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  • Jonathon Actress Ann-Kathrin Kramer arrives for the 16th German Television Awards ceremony in Cologne, Germany, 2 October, 2014.
  • Desmond She worked as a shop window designer, made portraits of tourists in and applied in vain to fashion school. Since 7 July 2009, he is married to German actress , with whom he previously was romantically involved for more than nine years.
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  • Aron Folglich hat er sich ein Baby 'ausgeliehen' - von Manuelas Babysitterin. She has two brothers and a son who was born in 1997 from her relationship with.
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  • Francis Doch deren ehemaliger Lebensgefährte Louis ist den beiden auf der Spur. Since 1995, Krassnitzer has acted mainly in television series , ,.
  • Marquis Ann-Kathrin Kramer as guest at the Askania Award in the winter garden. Was sie nicht weiß: Der vermeintliche Kidnapper ist Single wider Willen und sein Freund ist der Meinung, daß man mit Kind und Ring am Finger die besten Frauen kennenlernt.
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  • Stefan At 26, she went to the in Munich and completed her training as an actress. Married actors Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Harald Krassnitzer pose during the young talent awards gala at Studio Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany, 05 June 2014.
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  • Milton Andrea Sawatzki l-r , Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Andrea Sawatzki at the 68th Federal Press Ball under the motto 'Change'. Since his 24th case, he is now working with Bibi Fellner, played by.
  • Earle Ann-Kathrin Kramer l and Gesine Cukrowski as guests at the Askania Award in the winter garden.
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  • Rodger Der Ort des Geschehens: Die Redaktion und ihre Mitarbeiter: V.
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  • Maynard Harald Krassnitzer and wife Ann-Kathrin Kramer at the 68th Federal Press Ball under the motto 'Change'. The award for young filmmakers took place for the 17th time.
  • Todd She took singing lessons with and acting lessons with in the Method. His father was a locksmith, while his mother worked in a candy factory.
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  • Ruben He currently lives in and has a second home in the Tirol region. .
  • Leonardo After that he played at the Schauspielhaus Graz in , the in Vienna and the in.