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Wayne Alex Witt
  • Gil In 1994, Witt made a comeback to the competitive-skating scene, coached again by.
  • Freeman She is a member of the band Mrs.
Marcelo Katarina Witt
  • Reuben Witt's taste in figure-skating costumes sometimes caused debate. Witt's first international competition for the reunified country of , following eleven years competing for East Germany, was the , where she finished 8th, again behind Szewcenko who was 5th, but again ahead of Kiellmann who was ninth.
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  • August Had she placed 1st in the long program instead of 2nd on a 5-4 split to Sumners, she would have jumped to the silver over both Leistner and Vodorezova. While she had some technical problems, completing only three of her planned five triples, she delivered perhaps the most emotional and moving performance of the whole evening.
Ariel Stasi files: Katarina Witt had sex from 20:00 until 20:07; (SHE MUST HAVE HAD HER SKATES ON).
  • Donovan She earned a 2007 Teen Choice nomination for Georgia Rule. She discovered Stasi spies took a particular interest in her love life - even recording a liaison Witt denies ever took place.
  • Tomas One of her rivals, silver medalist Elizabeth Manley, later complained about some of what she perceived to be dubious foul play in the event, including Witt's win in the figures where she overcame Manley's lead in the first two figures in the final loop figure, which Manley believed to be her best, and Manley's music not being played properly to start her short program where Manley had a combination miss and took only 4th place, ending her gold medal chances. Although there is no suggestion Witt spied for East Germany, the 1,354 page dossier shows that she enjoyed special privileges such as access to cars and a luxury apartment.
Bennett Alex Witt
  • Sidney Although Witt finished fifth in , which meant that Thomas could finish second in both the short and long programs and still retain the World title, Thomas' 7th place in the short program due to a small hand down on her double axel put the two skaters on a level playing field ahead of the free skate.
  • Shelton Around this time, she also played a villain in an episode of the tongue-in-cheek television series, In November 2005, Witt published a , Only with Passion, in which she offers advice to a fictional young skater based on her many years of skating. Witt won two gold medals for , first at the and the second at the.
Bart Katarina Witt: Beziehung, Vermögen, Größe, Tattoo, Herkunft 2020
  • Emmett In 1988, Witt started a professional career — rare for East German athletes. As a professional she was never as successful competitively as an amateur, often placing last of four or five women in her appearances at the two biggest professional championships Challenge of Champions and World Professional Championships in Landover , but continued to receive great acclaim as an entertainer and show skater.
Jarvis Katarina Witt
  • Armando This left room for Thomas to win the long program, but Thomas missed three of her five planned triple jumps.
  • Jasper Hat Katarina Witt offizielle Profile in sozialen Communities? But Katarina Witt's huge popularity only made the hardliners who ruled East Germany uncomfortable and Stasi spies were ordered to watch her every move. Skating last and under immense pressure with both Kadavy and Thomas having earlier turned in brilliant performances, Witt landed five triple jumps, including a clean triple which was most crucial of all to win.
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  • Walter In 1990, she received an for her role in this film. In her long program, Witt landed four triple jumps and downgraded her planned triple-loop jump to a double loop.
  • Kenny Her first on-air job was at in.
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  • Ralph She is a member of the National Society of Washington Family Descendants.
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  • Myron She had been considering making the 1986 World Championships her final event, but stung by the loss, Witt vowed to regain her title and skate on to Calgary. Sie hat eine attraktive Figur und ein ovales Gesicht.
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  • Marvin Witt won the gold medal at age of 18 years and 77 days, became one of the figure skating Olympic champions.
  • Clyde The next season, she won her first but finished off the podium in fourth place, because she was 8th in compulsory figures despite winning the combined free skating.
Miles Katarina Witt
  • Cruz In fact, five skaters entered the long program in strong contention for the gold: Kira Ivanova, Witt, Thomas, Elizabeth Manley, and Caryn Kadavy, all needing to only win the long program or win the long program and beat Ivanova by two places in the long program in the case of Manley and Kadavy to win. Witt graduated from the in Los Angeles and the , where she majored in and.