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Byron Klaus Deller, Rail Vehicle Systems at Knorr
  • Eddie The Commercial Vehicle Systems segment offers brake systems and vehicle dynamics solutions including driver assistance and automated driving, brake control, brake system, steering, and electronic leveling control; energy supply and distribution systems such as air compressors and air treatment; and fuel efficiency products including engine components and transmission sub-systems.
Foster Germany's Knorr Bremse names Linde's Eulitz as its new CEO
  • Robt Knorr-Bremse — the parent company of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems — says it is confident that it will obtain all necessary merger control approvals and has been in good dialog with relevant authorities over the past weeks. The mixed oxide can be used as ceramic raw material.
Jamaal Knorr Bremse CEO resigns with immediate effect, shares slide
  • Ian Prior to that, he held senior positions at automotive suppliers Brose and Bosch.
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  • Bret A shaped glass article of optical quality with a coefficient of thermal expansion of not more than 0.
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  • Harley Average particle size D50 value D50? In this sense, a short-term economic crisis, like this Covid-19-induced one, reveals which companies truly embodied the stakeholder model, and which ones only paid lip service to it, while maintaining fundamentally a short-term profit orientation. Deller's departure is due to different views regarding leadership and cooperation.
Ulysses Knorr Bremse CEO resigns with immediate effect, shares slide
  • Xavier We will continue to move forward with the refocusing of Schaeffler Group that has been initiated under his leadership. It develops and produces mechatronic components and systems for automobile doors and seats.
  • Terry Abstract: Granules based on silicon dioxide and having the properties: Average grain size: 10 to 120? The Supervisory Board backs the current successful business strategy for the company. During this interim period, Board members Dr Peter Laier and Dr Jürgen Wilder will assume Chairman responsibilities.
Davis Bendix parent company in line to acquire Haldex
  • Dwayne Current business trading is in line with expectations, according to Knorr Bremse.
Delmer DGAP
  • Brenton The multi-component glass can be used for the production of shaped bodies with dimensions close to the final dimensions. Deller resigned due to different views about leadership and collaboration.
  • Carson The Presence of Klaus Deller's profile does not indicate a business or promotional relationship of any kind between RelSci and Klaus Deller. It can be used, for example, on materials with very low coefficients of expansion.
Seymour Klaus Deller to become Chief Executive Officer of Schaeffler AG
  • Dallas The company is an international automotive industry supplying products for more than 40 vehicle brands and seat producers. It operates through the Rail Vehicle Systems and Commercial Vehicle Systems segments.
Galen Klaus Deller, Rail Vehicle Systems at Knorr
  • Edwardo Abstract: A method for producing ultra-high purity, optical quality, glass articles is disclosed which involves: 1. Coated substrates and mouldings produced with the metal oxide dispersion.
Duane Klaus Deller, Rail Vehicle Systems at Knorr
  • Elias Coated substrate which can be produced by means of the metal oxide sol, and shaped article.
  • Gordon Deller have been assigned jointly to the remaining members of the executive board, Ralph Heuwing, Dr.