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Lazaro Konvergens (matematik)
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Debra Convergent validity
  • Tim From a mathematical standpoint, an unused gene has a steadily decreasing of retaining potential functionality over time.
Elias Convergent Careers: Digital Signage Job Opportunities
  • Juan Similar body shapes are found in the and the : they still have four legs, but these are strongly modified for swimming.
  • Austin Taxa which do share ancestry are part of the same ; cladistics seeks to arrange them according to their degree of relatedness to describe their. The airfoil of the bird wing is made of , strongly attached to the forearm the ulna and the highly fused bones of the wrist and hand the , with only tiny remnants of two fingers remaining, each anchoring a single feather.
Ashley Convergent
  • Connie Studies have found convergence in amino acid sequences in echolocating bats and the dolphin; among marine mammals; between giant and red pandas; and between the thylacine and canids.
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  • Johnathan The figure shows the number of inferred independent origins of C 3-C 4 photosynthesis and in parentheses.
Steven Konvergens
  • Adan Unlike cysteine and serine, threonine is a i.
Gil konvergent
  • Lonnie The bat wing is a membrane stretched across four extremely elongated fingers and the legs.
Christoper Konvergens
  • Benny A successful evaluation of convergent validity shows that a test of a concept is highly correlated with other tests designed to measure theoretically similar concepts.
Bradly Convergent validity
  • Maurice When two species are similar in a particular character, evolution is defined as parallel if the ancestors were also similar, and convergent if they were not. However, a single locus is responsible for about 80% of the variation.
Sebastian Convergent Careers: Digital Signage Job Opportunities
  • Mohamed Vorrichtung nach Anspruch 1, wobei einige oder alle Seiten des Verteilers 3 zueinander konvergent sind.
  • Freddie It is one of the most dramatic examples of convergent evolution in biology. October 2010 Convergent validity, a parameter often used in , , and other , refers to the degree to which two measures of constructs that theoretically should be related, are in fact related.