Kungurat. The Travels of Marco Polo/Book 2/Chapter 8

Jackie The Travels of Marco Polo/Book 2/Chapter 8
  • Terrence The body guards of the Great Khan numbered 10, 000 people. This he did ; and at the end of four years he found himself the father of three sons, Stefano, Maffio, and Giovanni.
Jacques Marco Polo and Korcula
  • Billie But it is on the north side of the Court, and on the foundations now occupied by the Malibran Theatre, that Venetian tradition, and the investigations of Venetian antiquaries concur in indicating the site of the Casa Polo. The same Maffeo had a daughter Fiordelisa.
  • Claudio The name of the Franciscan procurator representative , Marko de Polo, was inscribed on the apple of the silver carrying cross belonging to the Franciscan monastery founded on the island of Badija, near Korcula.
Shane Full text of book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian : concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the
  • Fletcher Inklusive Interviews mit deutschen Soldaten auf Patroille und Demonstration der Sprengkraft einer Bombe der Taliban.
Kenny Marco Polo and Korcula
  • Miguel After meeting, on his journey, several groups of Nestorians, various tribes of idolaters, Muslims, he was enchanted in China by a variant of Buddhism, mahajana-budhism. In that same year, Marko Polo was born.
  • Sarah And from those jewels he built in the contrada of S.
Chad Sculpture The Centre of The Universe (Kungur)
  • Adan And the custom of saluting at sunset probably by music was in vogue on board the galleys of the 13th century. Over the archway in the Corte Sabbionera the building rises into a kind of tower.
  • Garland Instead of taking this amiss, wise and discreet man that he was, he agreed also to take a wife of his own. J ' ' Throughout that year there were not less than 40 machines all at work upon the city of Acre, battering its houses and its towers, and smashing and overthrowing everything within their I'ange.
Donnie Full text of book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian : concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the
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  • Fritz «О внесении изменений в отдельные Законы Пермской области, Коми-Пермяцкого автономного округа, Пермского края».
James Marco Polo and Korcula
  • Matthew Yet are they deemed also the most valiant Men in the World. But Venice was not an apparition.
Steven Twoo
  • Woodrow Character of his Romance Compilations.
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  • Jarrod Jaeschke, of the Moravian Mission in British Tibet ; to Colonel Lewis Pelly, British Resident in the Persian Gulf; to Pandit Manphul, C. Notable murders by the Sectaries.