Lechweg trail. Hiking the Lechweg

Carmelo Lechweg Trail & Lechtal Nature Park ǀ Wanderhotel Grüner Baum
  • Kenton Start your hike with an ascent taking you to the right of the river. The Lechweg is a 124km trail which begins close to the spring of the Lech River near the Formarinsee in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and finishes at the Lechfall in Fussen, Germany.
Laverne Lech River Trail
  • Arthur Having traversed a steep talus slope, the rewards are many.
Elwood Lechtal High Trail
  • Rigoberto With rafting tours on the Lech river — where always questions on the uniqueness of the Lech with its fauna and flora are answered — you get to know the region from a different perspective.
  • Jay After Steeg it was a gentle amble along the river valley to Holzgau.
Santos The Complete Lech River Trail
  • Melvin It flows through the Lechtal-Reutte nature park region and reaches its destination at the Lechfall in Füssen.
Emily Hiking
  • Dale To preserve one of the last wild river landscapes of Europe the Tiroler Lech Nature Park was created. As part of a wider itinerary, offers walks in which visitors are taken on hikes across the forest to meet habituated gorillas used to the presence of humans.
Josh The Lechweg Trail
  • Lincoln If you choose this option, we recommend choosing Camping Vorderhornbach, due to the fact that it has the nicest facilities and easiest proximity to the bus stop. At Haselgahr we stopped in at the cafe of the local pool for some lunch and whilst in the cafe we saw a couple of girls who had passed us on the trail earlier reverse direction and come back into the cafe where they had a detailed conversation in German with the owner.
  • Johnathan Lunch and dinner are not included so you are free to choose from the available options each day. A bus to Villa Catedral drops at the start of a wide, well-marked path, which winds its way into the Andes, passing through woods before emerging above the tree line into a world of spectacular, soaring peaks.
Christine The Lechweg
  • Dana At the trail leads past the legendary Doser waterfall in the area between Elmen und Martinau, which is famous for its flora and fauna with wild-growing orchids and butterflies. Follow the river along narrow paths as it gently meanders through the valley.
  • Willard Bread and pastries can be ordered for the morning. Relish in the interesting past while enjoying the beautiful and vast variety of fauna and flora of the wild river landscape.
Romeo Lechweg hike: a long hiking route with 15 Lechweg stages
  • Jesse The gravel embankments offer the best conditions for spotting many species of breeding birds, including the sandpiper and the little ringed plover. There are multiple supermarkets, several cute cafes, shops, and good restaurants.
Ronny Lechweg Trail & Lechtal Nature Park ǀ Wanderhotel Grüner Baum
  • Howard The scramble section taking you down to the hut can be treacherous in snow or adverse weather conditions and intimidating to an unseasoned hiker. It then becomes a stream and eventually matures into the young Lech River.
Rodger Lechweg Mountain Biking Trail
  • Guillermo Descend to the valley floor and come to Steeg where another cheese factory is waiting for hungry hikers.
Mohamed The Lechweg trail
  • Arnold From there we headed up and along a very pleasant mountain path through the forest before coming out on old dirt road. The hiker on the Lechweg gets to experience all of this without the usual attendant exhaustion of hiking up and over a summit or high pass each day.
  • Gary The trail leads past one of the biggest ibex colonies of Europe.