Lego technic rettungshubschrauber 42092. Lego Technic 42092 Rescue Helicopter

Malcolm LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter 42092
  • Peter During the construction of the tail section, you need to align a small build precisely.
  • Arnold It does not swim - what a suprise! Both work really nicely and the blades have a really smooth motion to them. Spin the rotors, open the side and rear doors, and operate the winch to lower the rescue stretcher.
  • Lyman See for more information on Pick up.
Benny Lego Technic 42092 Rescue Helicopter
  • Dane The concept aircraft is 7 cm high, 27 cm long and 30 cm wide.
  • Alec The Lego Builder will take over the part of building in the Lego Speed Build mode and present it as a review. If your order is placed after 12 noon, then it will be ready for collection from 12 noon the following day.
Randall Lego Technic 42092
  • Matthew The mechanics work really nicely and are fairly well integrated within the set.
Lupe Lego Technic 42092 Rescue Helicopter
  • Ian Even the rotorblades are attached properly this time and won't move an inch! This item is not eligible for Express Shipping.
  • Francis Some great play features and a sleek design makes this a decent model for both play and display. The naval genious that I am I have the lights on the wrong sides.
Eloy Lego Technic 42092
  • Kenneth This realistic model comes with a cool red, white and black colour scheme and an array of realistic features and functions.
Duane Lego Technic 42092
  • Jerald The rescue helicopter is 12 cm high, 29 cm long and 23 cm wide. One third of the way through the builds, and I am enjoying this process more and more.
  • David Finally, the Lego Builder extensively tests the functions.
Mathew Lego Technic 42092 Rescue Helicopter
  • Phillip Continuing my Technic education, having built two smaller sets this marks the point I move onto something more substantial.
  • David.
Archie Lego Technic 42092
  • Jessica The additional stretcher that comes with the set is a simple little build but one I really admire. It ofcourse is sturdy enough for that too.
  • Daren It may be slightly smaller in both size and piece count, but the finished look is more complete. I would have liked to have seen this model in a more striking yellow, or at least red and yellow colour scheme, that some real life rescue helicopters use.