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  • Pamela This list was prepared in conjunction with the occupational terms found in the lists of Drohobycz and Boryslaw forced laborers, and Mathausen prisoners. Warehouseman Lagerarzt Camp doctor Lagerhalter Warehouse Holder Lagerist Warehouseman Lagerköchin Camp cook female Lagerverwalter Warehouse Caretaker Lagerverwalter Camp administrator Lagerwache Camp guard Landarbeiterin Farm worker Landgutsleiter Manor Superintendant Landlich Verwalter Rural Administrator Landmesser Land Surveyor Landsmesser-Techniker Surveyor Landverwalter Land Administrator Landwirt Farmer Lanwirtschaftlicher Arb.
  • Abdul The Bundeswehr is divided into a military part armed forces or Streitkräfte and a civil part with the armed forces administration Wehrverwaltung. Hierdurch könnte die Qualität schlechter sein als die der anderen WordReference Wörterbücher.
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  • Maria A proposal to integrate West German troops with soldiers of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy in a was proposed but never implemented. The Gefreiter rank was also considered a transition rank for promotion to and wherefrom replacements were selected to the Unteroffizier Corporal rank.
  • Andrew La carrera de Jack como marinero comenzó cuando tenía 16 años y subió a un barco por primera vez. The pledge is made annually on 20 July, the date on which a group of Wehrmacht officers attempted to in 1944.
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  • Doyle All rifles in the photo are equipped with firing adapters.
  • Davis Monteur Hydraulics Assembler Hydrauliker Hydraulics Specialist Hydraulik-Schl.
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  • Eric Also included are common occupational in German. The military part of the federal defense force consists of the , the , the , the , the , and the.
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  • Brady Its only active role before 1990 was the Katastropheneinsatz disaster control. Wir sollten am besten telefonieren.
  • Rudolph Medical support was reorganised with the establishment of the. Parkettsortir Tile and Parkettrie Sorter Friseur Hairdresser Friseurmeister Master Hairdresser Fuhrmann Waggoner Funker Radio Operator Galvanisateur Galvaniser Gänzefellebearbeiter Goose Skin Processor Garagearbeiter Garage Worker Garagenbesitzer Garage Owner Garderobier Dresser Garten Arbeit.
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  • Lucien Further information: , , and According to the new threat scenario facing Germany and its allies, the Bundeswehr is currently reorganising itself.
  • Sandy Commercial Engeneer Konditor Confectioner Konditor Confectioner Konfektionär Button Maker Konservenfabrikvorarbeiter Cannery Overseer Konstrukteur Draftsman Konstrukteur bei den Raffinerie-Aufbau.
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  • Kristopher Geräte Expert in fire extinction materials Fährdienst Boat Service Chief Fahrer Driver Fahrrad Mechaniker Bicycle Mechanic Fahrradmacher Bike Manufacturer Fahrradmonteur Bike Assembler Fahrradschlosser Bike Locksmith Farbe Industrieller Paint Industrialist Färber Painter Färber u.
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  • Irwin Construction Aid Bauingeneur Civil engineer Baukalkulantin Quantity surveyor in the building female Baukarthotekführer Responsible for keeping building plans Bauklempner Building Plumber Bauleiter Construction manager Baumaschinentechniker Construction machinist Baumaterialienhändler Building Materials Distributor Baumeister Master builder Baumonteur Building Assembler Baumwollweber Cotton Weaver Baupolier Construction foreman Bauschlosser Building locksmith Bauschmied Building Blacksmith Bautechniker Building technician Bautischler Building Carpenter Bautischler Carpenter Bauunternehm. German military expenditures are lower than comparable countries of the European Union such as France and the United Kingdom, especially when taking into account Germany's larger population and economy.
  • Emmanuel This discrepancy is often criticized by Germany's military allies, especially the United States.
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  • Rickie Gibt es da verschiedene Größen? The air force service uniform consists of a blue jacket and trousers with a light blue shirt, dark blue tie, and black shoes. Uhrmacher Precision watchmaker Feinmechaniker Precision mechanic Feinmechaniker u.