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  • Deborah The rear differential was mounted on the side of the engine sump with one driveshaft running through the sump to the nearside rear wheel. Die Gesellschaft hat ihren Sitz in , Schanghai, und wird von Claude Sarrrailh als geleitet.
  • Dewey A crash prevented the T16 from winning its first rally but the writing was on the wall for Audi. Angesichts eines drohenden Markenkonfliktes benannte das Unternehmen seine Benutzeroberfläche Metro im Computerbetriebssystem um.
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  • Devon Der Konzern mit Hauptsitz in beschäftigt in 678 Märkten weltweit mehr als 100. Austin Rover was one of the rare few manufacturers to be able to stay within its original homologation scheduling.
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  • Sherman GmbH is a leading German family equity company that has been headquartered in Duisburg-Ruhrort since it was founded in 1756. The development of this vehicle had been entrusted to Williams Grand Prix Engineering.
  • Darius Promising that the team would enter national rallies to test the car in the heat of competition, the team reappeared 6 weeks later on the 1984 York National Rally. Metro left Denmark in December 2014.
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  • Donald Audi's new Sport Quattro S1 boasted over 600 hp 450 kW and a huge snowplough-like front end.
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  • DinoThe engine was a break from the norm, as it wasn't turbocharged as the majority of its competitors were.
  • Lloyd Ideengeber war im Wesentlichen Wilhelm Schmidt-Ruthenbeck. März 2016 kündigte der Vorstand an, Metro aufzuspalten.
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  • Efrain In each group there were classes based on engine displacement with a 1. A T-Casual will save you the trouble of buying individual tickets for each journey as well as saving you money.
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  • Ralph This dynamism needs to be put into context in order to be appreciated fully. Since then stores have been opened in Aarhus, Kolding, Sydhavnen in and Aalborg in chronological order.
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  • Dominique They performed two new songs from their forthcoming album. See our page on the How To Estimate Your Metro Journey Time Here is a good guideline to estimate your journey time on the metro.
  • Wilbert You can download the audio version of this article! The combination of lightweight chassis, sophisticated aerodynamics and massive amounts of horsepower resulted in the development of a class of cars whose performance has not yet been surpassed within their category, even three decades later.
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  • Darrell Im Juni 2015 waren die Aktien wie folgt verteilt: Haniel 25 Prozent, Gesellschafterstamm Beisheim 9,10 Prozent und im Streubesitz 50,1 Prozent. It can save you a lot of bother in buying tickets and save you money.
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  • Omar This means, for example, you can make changes at metro stops provided you don't leave the metro , then leave the metro and jump on a bus to finish your journey or vice versa as long as the total length of the journey is less than 1 hour and 15 minutes. Country Opened Wholesale centers Germany 1964 107 France 1971 98 China 1996 94 Russia 2001 93 Italy 1972 49 Spain 1 1972 37 Turkey 1990 33 Ukraine 2003 31 Romania 1996 30 Poland 1 1994 29 India 2003 27 Netherlands 1 1968 17 Belgium 1 1970 17 Czech Republic 1 1997 13 Hungary 1994 13 Austria 1971 12 Bulgaria 1999 11 Portugal 1 1990 10 Japan 2002 10 Serbia 2005 9 Croatia 2001 9 Pakistan 2007 9 Kazakhstan 2009 6 Slovakia 2000 6 Republic of Moldova 2004 3 1 Operating under brand.