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  • Margaret Definitions of Taxus cuspidata Taxus cuspidata - WikiVisuall taxus cuspidata Meaning, Definition, Usage, Etymology, Pronunciation, Examples, Parts of Speech, Derived Terms, Inflections collated together for your perusal Taxus cuspidata Sieb. However, docetaxel is more water soluble than paclitaxel, and it has a slightly higher affinity than paclitaxel for that site.
  • Cole Source: Gymnosperms of North America Update.
Patrick Taxus
  • Mickey Within the last decade the importance of the antineoplastic drug, taxol, a related member of the taxane diterpenoid family, has spurred the discovery and chemical characterization of over 350 members of this chemical class Itokawa, 2003.
Aron Taxus × media 'Densiformis'
  • Noah The common yew has also long been known for its toxic properties only the red flesh surrounding the seed in the aril is non-toxic. Insbesondere die Taxus brevifolia enthält Taxol , das zur Behandlung von Brust- und Eierstockkrebs eingesetzt wird.
  • Jules Grazing animals, particularly and , are also sometimes found dead near yew trees after eating the leaves, though are able to break down the poisons and will eat yew foliage freely.
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  • Everette Verlag Gartenbild Hansmann, Rinteln 2005.
  • Gregorio Synthetic ecology is the emerging area of microbiology to produce considerable amounts of a metabolite through the cumulative production of a number of microbes Granger et al.
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  • Rod The horse is one of the most sensitive species to the effects of the alkaloid and a single mouthful may be lethal.
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  • Franklin Clinical, electrophysiological, and pathological data are consistent with an axonal sensorimotor neuropathy New et al.
  • Seymour Giftig sind Rinde, Nadeln und Samen.
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  • Adolfo Eiben Taxus baccata , Illustration : Tracheophyta : Spermatophytina : : Coniferales : Taxaceae : Eiben Taxus Die Eiben Taxus bilden eine in der Familie der Taxaceae. Wilson : Sie wächst als Zwergstrauch und ihre Nadeln erwecken nicht den Eindruck zweireihig angeordnet zu sein.
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  • Shawn Taxus cuspidata Siebold et Zucc. Paresthesias 51% , pain, numbness, unsteadiness of gait, Lhermitte's sign 5% , objective sensory loss 30% , loss of ankle reflex 51% , and loss of both ankle and patellar reflexes 41% were found.
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  • Doyle The most common feature of yew poisoning is sudden death 1—48 h depending of the amount ingested. Taxine, of course, is the alkaloid.
  • Vaughn However, the yew does not have cones or produce resin! Fälle von tödlichen Vergiftungen durch Eiben sind von Menschen, Rindern und Pferden bekannt.
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  • Kermit The relatively greater resistance of ruminants is probably due to the dilution of the ingested material by the rumen contents.
  • Terry Fu Zhu Shan, Huang Dao Shan Yew tree bark, leaf Taxol, baccatin, cephalomannine, 10-deacetylbaccatin.