Nathalie... 2003. Nathalie... (2003)

Mathew Nathalie... (2003)
  • Elvin I was also impressed with the elegance of the great French actress Fanny Ardant and with the eternal beauty of the sexy and also great actress Emmanuelle Béart.
  • Lamont Cinema Soiree aims to expand this crucial realm of openly available materials, and make those riches more easily discovered. Do you want to report a spoiler, error or omission? The American remake wasn't better but had more erotic energy.
Hollis Nathalie...
  • Olin For most of human history, the ability to access materials for free through public libraries has been a central part of our culture, producing generations of avid readers and a knowledgeable, engaged citizenry. In Paris, the executive Bernard Gérard Depardieu and his wife, the gynecologist Catherine Fanny Ardant , form a bored upper class middle aged bourgeois couple.
  • Chauncey Their lives seem to be going well until Catherine discovers that Bernard is having an affair.
Julio Nathalie... (2003)
  • Jarred The soundtrack is also excellent. Hoping to learn more about his extramarital activities, Catherine heads to a strip club, where she hires call girl Nathalie to have a fling with Gerard.
Hal Nathalie... (2003)
  • Mark Nathalie then confides in Catherine that she made everything up and that she never met Bernard. Not related to any Media or Corporation.
  • Pamela They have been married for many years and their life does not have sexual desire anymore.
Dexter Nathalie... (2003) / AvaxHome
  • Numbers Could've gone for more with the mom, as well as the son.
Isaiah Nathalie...
  • Arturo As the affair progresses, Nathalie gives Catherine regular status reports, and the relationship between the women evolves from business to personal. When Nathalie enters the establishment and sees the couple, she flees.
  • Lloyd Storyline : Catherine is an attractive woman with a great career and a seemingly solid marriage to Bernard , her husband of 25 years.
Claudio Nathalie...
  • Kyle.
Faustino Nathalie… (2003)
  • Wesley A very minimal role for Depardieu would've worked really well, way too much Catherine glaring at Bernard. She hires an upmarket , who works as a hairdresser, to seduces her husband and tell her the details of their meetings.
Royal Nathalie... (2003) / AvaxHome
  • Gordon Maybe it is because of the way the film downplays yet acknowledges tensions at all points a refreshing difference from mainstream drama. I found a great movie, with a very credible story, but for mature audiences only.
Francisco Nathalie... (2003)
  • Trent Catherine hires the beautiful prostitute Marlene Emmanuelle Béart to pretend to be a young woman called Nathalie, seduce and investigate the sex life of Bernard and report to her his secrets and performance between walls.
  • Rudolph Loved the two of them socializing together, though. Nathalie uses very crude words to describe her meetings with Bernard.
Joey Nathalie... (2003)
  • Calvin Nathalie accepts and a very ambiguous relationship is created between the two women. Needs more from Marlène's life.