Ntower. CN Tower (Toronto)

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  • Tyree Wheel-Trans designated stop at Gate 7 of Rogers Centre.
Shane CN Tower (Toronto)
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Guy AWS Control Tower
  • Trenton The stairs were originally on one of the three sides of the tower facing north , with a glass view, but these were later replaced with the third elevator pair and the stairs were moved to the inside of the core. Two years into the construction, plans for Metro Centre were scrapped, leaving the tower isolated on the Railway Lands in what was then a largely abandoned light-industrial space.
Refugio N Seoul Tower
  • Dominique The fire was blamed on poor maintenance and outdated equipment. In 2002, Canadian Olympian and champion climbed the stairs of the tower in a specially designed.
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  • Ahmed The tower changes its lighting scheme on holidays and to commemorate major events.
  • Isaac Built on the former , it was completed in 1976.
Myles Faron Tower
  • Colby The reflective nature of the new buildings compromised the quality of broadcast signals necessitating new, higher antennas that were at least 300 m 980 ft tall. Top climbs on the new, windowless stairwell used since around 2003 have generally been over ten minutes.
Marco Faron Tower
  • Earle By the time the foundation was complete, 56,000 62,000 ; 55,000 of and were removed to a depth of 15 m 49. These forms were used to create the brackets that support the main level, as well as a base for the construction of the main level itself.
  • Wyatt The entire area continues to be an area of intense building, notably a in construction in the first quarter of the 21st century, as well as the 2013 opening of the by the base of the tower.
Leonardo CN Tower (Toronto)
  • Clark As the design effort continued, it evolved into the current design with a single continuous hexagonal core to the SkyPod, with three support legs blended into the hexagon below the main level, forming a large Y-shape structure at the ground level. The and outdoor observation deck are at 342 metres 1,122.
Kenny CN Tower
  • Randell The SkyPod Observation Level: At a thrilling 447m 1,465 ft high above the city, SkyPod is one of the highest observation platforms in the world with a unique and spectacular view like no other.
Barbara N Seoul Tower
  • Sanford When the tower first opened, it also featured a disco named Sparkles at the Indoor Observation Level , billed as the highest disco and dance floor in the world. At his apartment home in New York City, a group of workers from an alleged psychiatric facility offer to rehabilitate Jake; recognizing them from his visions as monsters wearing human skin, he flees from the workers who give chase.
Mickey Faron Tower
  • Wade On the night of the , the tower displayed the colours of the.
Ricardo N Seoul Tower
  • Nolan Access was greatly improved with the construction of the in 1989, which connected the tower and SkyDome to the nearby railway and subway station, and, in turn, to the city's underground pedestrian system. Jake tracks down an abandoned house from one of his visions where he discovers a high-tech portal that leads to a post-apocalyptic world called Mid-World.
  • Vaughn Safety features In August 2000, a fire broke out at the in Moscow killing three people and causing extensive damage. Using 45 hydraulic jacks attached to cables strung from a temporary steel crown anchored to the top of the tower, twelve giant steel and wooden bracket forms were slowly raised, ultimately taking about a week to crawl up to their final position.