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  • Lorenzo The world's great dailies: profiles of fifty newspapers 1980 pp. The emphasis is on international news, business, finance, and high culture.
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  • Omar.
  • Leo In Indien bezeichnet Tantra eine Vielzahl mystischer und esoterischer Praktiken - von der Selbstfindung bis hin zur schwarzen Magie. Doch ähnlich wie beim Yoga versteht man im Westen unter Tantra etwas anderes als im Herkunftsland.
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  • Stephen The 2006 circulation of the paper was 146,729 copies.
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  • Arthur Der Internationalität der Themen wird ein grosses Gewicht beigemessen.
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  • Felipe Its circulation was 139,732 copies in 2009.
  • Stuart In 1997, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung had a circulation of 162,330 copies. It rose to 47,500 copies in 1930 and 66,600 copies in 1950.
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  • Gordon Its circulation was 121,204 copies in 2006.
  • Dirk Only since 2005 has it added , much later than most mainstream papers.
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  • Bennie It has a reputation as a high-quality newspaper and as the Swiss. This film was produced to justify the bracero program to the general public, especially American citizens in California who were threatened by the influx of workers over the border from Mexico.
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  • Antone One of the oldest newspapers still published, it originally appeared as Zürcher Zeitung, edited by the Swiss painter and poet , on 12 January 1780, and was renamed as Neue Zürcher Zeitung in 1821. It expresses the viewpoint of agribusiness and large farmers.
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  • Emilio Topics: videobot, archiveteam, twitter, twitter. The weekend edition has its own editorial staff and contains more and lifestyle issues than its weekday counterpart, as do most Swiss weekend newspapers.
  • Willis Features and lifestyle stories are kept to a minimum. Books have been published since 1927; since 1980, the publishing house has been run as a separate profit centre.