Panzerkreuzer graf spee. KMS Admiral Graf Spee Pocket Battleship / Armored Cruiser

Sandy Command Decisions : Langsdorff and the Battle of the River Plate
  • Andrea A degaussing system was fitted.
  • Sidney The force of the explosion blew off a below-decks mast access door and, when a severe fire started in Turret Anton, the mast acted as a flue gas stack, with smoke rising through the mast, causing air to be ingested onto the fire, which thus increased in ferocity.
Dale What the German Cruiser line is missing...
  • Shirley The British , , and , the , the British , and French and , and 16 were committed to the hunt.
Julio Battleship Admiral Graf Spee in World War II
  • Dexter Deutschland anchored briefly at San Sebastian on the 26th, but eventually found it more comfortable in the heavy swell to cruise up and down at a few knots offshore. Being the first major warship with turbine engines, it was a major advance from the last Panzerkreuzer built, the Blücher , during trials, the turbines were able to produce almost twice as much power as they were originally designed for.
Carlo Battleship Admiral Graf Spee in World War II
  • Newton In 1922 he was promoted to Oberleutnant zur See, he married in 1923, and in 1925 was posted to the Defence Ministry in Berlin, where his task involved liaison between the Reichsmarine navy and Reichswehr army. Article 183 prescribed that the standing naval strength was 15, 000 men, of which not more than 10 per cent was to be officer material.
Alfonso KMS Admiral Graf Spee Pocket Battleship / Armored Cruiser
  • Lyle The method was only relatively accurate because of production factors a point true for all navies. These masthead installations were reached by means of steps inside the mast.
Isiah II. Das Schiff
  • Norbert Jahrestag in Montevideo und in Buenos Aires geplant sind. Thurston was Chief Naval Architect at Vickers 1900—1920.
Marion Battleship Admiral Graf Spee in World War II
  • Esteban Some of the Salem's crew participated as German sailors. Upon their completion, it was designated flagship of the German Navy.
Kenton German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee
  • Joseph This was the first of many such appointments for Langsdorff, whose obvious competence, coupled with a pleasant manner, made him an ideal staff officer.
  • Rigoberto Von der Tann History Powered by OpenCms - The OpenSource Content Management System Von der Tann Schlachtkreuzer 1910 - 1919 Von der Tann Class Schlachtkreuzer Von der Tann in 1911 With the construction of the first British battlecruisers of the Invincible class, it got obvious that those ships would easily outperform the German Panzerkreuzer or Große Kreuzer as they were officially called.
Walker Panzerschiff Graf Spee
  • Dannie Im weiteren Verlauf dieses Unternehmens kam es zu der Schlacht in der Barentssee.
Eliseo Hans Langsdorff
  • Michael In other words, the Panzerschiffe were not full-on dreadnought battleships Schlachtschiffe.
  • Carson The Germans cut the cable and then departed; there were no casualties.
Judson Leibstandarte
  • Rusty He had served throughout the First World War and was then retained in the peacetime reductions. It was 1938 before the Kriegsmarine suddenly realised the pressing need for the development of new diesels for the new Z-Plan battleships, but by then they had missed the bus.