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Adolph Per se
  • Ted Because Z is the successor to X and is liable for X's 2005 taxes that remain unpaid, Z is the proper party to sign the consent to extend the period of limitations. For of of this section, of this section shall not apply if the sale or exchange of in the is to a related within the meaning of sections 267 b and 707 b and occurs no later than twelve months after the date of the formation of the.
Lazaro LINGVA LATINA per se illustrata, de HANS ORBERG .::RECURSOS::.
  • Jed. Vitalitas linguae Latinae apparet in commentariis athleticis, musicis, hodiernis.
  • Les Therefore, since the rules of this section would not treat P as a corporation with reference to any jurisdiction in which it is created or organized, it is not a corporation for federal purposes. An that is not treated as a corporation under of this section by reason of paragraph d 1 or d 2 of this section will be treated permanently as a corporation under of this section from the earliest of: A The of an to be treated as an association under ; B A termination of the under section 708 b 1 B regarding sale or exchange of 50 percent or more of the total in an 's capital or profits within a twelve month period ; C A division of the under section 708 b 2 B ; or D The date any or persons, who were not of the as of November 29, 1999, own in the aggregate a 50 percent or greater in the.
Milton per se
  • Hilario For of the preceding sentence, the term interest means - i In the case of a , a capital or profits ; and ii In the case of a corporation, an equity measured by vote or value. Iucundus modus, quo tractentur et res hodiernae musica, athletica, oecologia.
  • Lucien Adulescens est simplicíssimum et efficacissimum instrumentum, quo lingua Latina et cultus antiquae Romae modo iucundo inculcetur: insunt enim vocabula imaginibus illustrata, brevia scripta, ludi, fabulae nubeculatae et locutiones imaginibus explicatae. Therefore, Y is a corporation for Federal because the rules of this section would treat Y as a corporation with reference to one of the jurisdictions in which it is created or organized.
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  • Jake Under the rules of this section and , a private limited company organized only in Country B is treated as a corporation for Federal tax purposes absent an election to be treated as a partnership. For rules that apply before the of paragraph c 2 iv C 2 of this section, see revised as of April 1, 2016.
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  • Edmund Except as provided in of this section, a foreign business described in of this section will not be treated as a corporation under of this section if - i The was in existence on May 8, 1996; ii The 's classification was relevant as defined in on May 8, 1996; iii No including the entity for whom the 's classification was relevant on May 8, 1996, treats the as a corporation for of filing such 's federal income returns, information returns, and documents for the including May 8, 1996; iv Any change in the 's claimed classification within the sixty months prior to May 8, 1996, occurred solely as a of a change in the organizational documents of the , and the and all members of the recognized the federal consequences of any change in the 's classification within the sixty months prior to May 8, 1996; v A reasonable basis within the meaning of section 6662 existed on May 8, 1996, for treating the as other than a corporation; and vi Neither the nor any member was notified in writing on or before May 8, 1996, that the classification of the was under examination in which case the 's classification will be determined in the examination. Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph c , a business that has a single and is not a corporation under of this section is disregarded as an separate from its.
  • Julie For example, a brick as a 'thing' is a rectangular block of material.
Rickie Per Se Restaurant
  • Amy The reference to the Trinidadian in of this section applies to entities formed on or after November 29, 1999.
  • Monte Under section 6427 l , the ultimate is allowed to claim an income credit or related to the imposed on diesel fuel used in an off-highway business use. Under the rules of this section and § 301.
Danial Per Se
  • Harvey P has not made any entity classification elections under.
  • Hector Such an may elect its classification under , subject to the of those provisions, only if it is created or organized in each jurisdiction in a manner that meets the definition of an eligible in.
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  • Travis Per se has been widely throughout the English language by everyone from philosophers to politicians to poets to Shakespeare.
Timmy 26 CFR § 301.7701
  • Coleman Let's consider your first example: It is not the money per se that makes them unhappy, but the single-minded pursuit of that money.