Pius ii. Pius Ii

Martin Pope Pius II
  • Alvaro Navíc podle rodové tradice pocházel z Říma legendárních etruských králů i prapředek rodu Piccolomini, jistý Bacco di Piccolomo. This 19th-century painting is by.
Edgardo Pius II (1405
  • Jose Galgani was a virtuous woman in her twenties, said to have the. Regrettably, I can't reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads.
Devon Pope Pius II
  • Numbers On Thursday the 12th, as Beltrando Costabili reported to the Duke of Ferrara, Pope Pius had a long audience and did not eat during the day, having been taking medicine the previous day, on which the fever struck and never left him.
Otis Pius II.
  • Rufus In 1425 the preaching of kindled in him the desire of embracing a monastic life, but he was dissuaded from his purpose by his friends. He had been crowned imperial in 1442, and he obtained the patronage of the emperor's chancellor, Kaspar Schlick.
Chris Pope Pius III
  • Marcus To show he meant what he was preaching in 1464 he went to , the assembly point of the expedition, to vainly wait for the arrivals of the troops and of the Venetian fleet which should have carried them to Greece. Was there still time to influence the fate of the Jewish communities, or had they already been either murdered or deported to death camps? Since it is currently thought that the Germans will take no further steps against the Jews in Rome, the question of our relations with the Vatican may be considered closed.
  • Michael Except for the Germans or perhaps British intelligence, few people were more aware of the local details as well as the larger picture.
Erwin Pope Pius XII & the Holocaust
  • Jeffrey Slíbil totiž pronásledovat kacíře, což ovšem splnil pouze v případě příslušníků nově vznikající.
Adolph Pius II (1405
  • Porfirio V studoval rétoriku jeho učiteli byli a a občanské právo u.
Jerrod Pius XII
  • Art Výjimečná ač ne jedinečná - stejná situace byla již v předchozí konkláve byla přítomnost dvou řeckých kardinálů, nedávno přijatých do katolické církve - byl to ruský metropolita a metropolita i ten mimochodem papabile.
Michelle Pius II
  • Marvin Piccolomini already held the office of protonotary apostolic at the time that he was appointed the administrator of the in 1460.
  • Antone He gathered an army of crusaders and led them across the mountains of central Italy to the port of Ancona, on the.
Trey Pope Pius XII & the Holocaust
  • Mack This attitude was adverse to interests in , where he aimed at the repeal of the of.
Mohammed Pope Pius XII
  • Mickey On this land, Cardinal Francesco, with the Pope's help, built the Piccolomini Palace.