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  • Sheldon Both of their parent breeds are known to be quite vocal, so a Pomsky will let you know when they see something.
  • Carlos Our Goal It is Katiebrooke Kennels ambition to be standard setters and industry leaders in the keeping of breeding dogs in Ireland. Die Züchter nehmen an einem internationalen Zuchtprogramm zur Erschaffung eines Pomsky-Standards durch die International Pomsky Association teil.
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  • Sandra Pomsky Information: Dog Group: Not Applicable since it is a hybrid Pomsky Adult Size: 10-15 inches Pomsky Weight: 20-30 pounds Pomsky Lifespan: 13-15 years Coat type: Soft and fluffy, prone to shedding Is a Pomsky hypoallergenic? Pomskies besitzen Merkmale von Zwergspitz und Husky in unterschiedlicher Ausprägung. Her favorite things to do is running around in the forest and swimming in the lakes.
  • Ivan Should they take after their Siberian Husky parent, they will likely have a high energy level that requires much more activity.
  • Kris With this list, you no longer have to spend time on research or worrying about the authenticity of the breeder. Es werden keine weiteren Bilder und Videos verschickt.
  • Odell It is in your best interest and it is your responsibility to conduct thorough research on any breeder you are considering. Wo ein Pom eher mit dem Leben mitläuft, möchte ein Husky natürlich auch seine Bewegung.
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  • Darius So, if you want a Pomsky and don't mind the appearance difference, try to get a Pomsky that's more Pommy than husky.
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  • Mario If you know of any reputable breeders from Sweden we would appreciate if you let us know by commenting or visiting our! But here are few things to keep in mind when buying a Pomsky from a breeder.
  • Scottie Die Zucht existiert seit Jahr 2015 und hat sich auf die Farbschicht-Genetik spezialisiert. There seem to be a lot of breeders listed on different sites but how can I ensure I have an honest one? Die Züchter setzen im schönen Lebanon, Oregon auf eine Zucht ohne Zwinger und stellen ihren Hunden einen kompletten Acker zum toben zur Verfügung.
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  • Ethan She has been training dogs since the young age of 10, and has been breeding dogs for over 15 years.
  • Jean In Deutschland noch extrem selten.
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  • Jan You may be lucky if you find a lost Pomeranian husky mix and be given the chance to adopt. This is especially important for small dog breeds, like the Pomsky, as their small mouths tend to be more prone to dental-related issues.
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  • Yong Choose the Most Trusted Pomsky Breeder To help all of our readers out, we decided that we would feature every Husky Pomeranian breeder we could find on our list, and we would mention whatever we could find out about them.
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  • Ezra Thank you again and I would recommend Katiebrooke Kennels any day! I would like to thank you for your support and want to say stay safe and look after your families x Stay Safe x Welcome to Katiebrooke Kennels Pomsky Puppy Specialists — Pomsky Puppy For Sale We are a family run business operating since 2007.
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  • Jess All pups are micro-chipped and recorded.
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  • Ned You can search the list by state to find one close to your location. If everything checks out, then you have a good breeder on your hands and can continue with purchasing a new puppy.
  • Francisco It is also very important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable, trusted puppy breeder. We got all the help we needed from you.
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  • Randal Grooming: Should be brushed regularly, at least once a day Training: Highly intelligent and responds well to most training, although can be a bit stubborn Pomsky Personality: Loving, playful, make excellent watchdogs and are very loyal to their owners, although sometimes skittish around small children.
  • Reginald Wenn dir ein Züchter bekannt ist, der noch nicht auf Pomski.