Rammstein weit weg lyrics. The new Rammstein album: your ultimate track

Reggie Rammstein Lyrics
  • Weston I highly encourage you to translate the lyrics! French might be the language of love, but German is the language of anger.
Delmar The new Rammstein album: your ultimate track
  • Darwin Sex One of the more frivolous songs on the album, lyrically speaking, Sex begins with an eerie synth evocative of a bad '80s horror movie.
  • Rigoberto In many instances, the lyrics are phrased such that they can be interpreted in several ways.
Corey Rammstein Weit weg lyrics with English translation
  • Leonardo I somehow get the feeling that the song is about the fans. Yes there is a theme of voyerism, but I feel like it could be thought as the fans looking up to the band, wanting to be so close and feeling almost orgasmic about the music and shows.
  • Les This song is much darker I think than people seem to realise.
Rodrick WEIT WEG (Letra/Lyrics)
  • Rosendo The themes which flow through the album have lead to wild fan speculation: that Rammstein is a firm rebuff to growing waves of global nationalism; that it's a concept album that follows a tormented protagonist on his journey from abused to abuser; that it's a collection of songs designed to take the spotlight away from their hair-raising live shows and place it back on their identity as musicians. .
  • Micheal I don't understand all the people who call it boring.
Kerry Rammstein Lyrics
  • Kelvin Radio With a stuttering riff that may or may not have been influenced by 's 1985 hit Love Like Blood, the video for starts with a radio announcing ' Achtung, Achtung. It gripped me the whole way through.
  • Chester It is sung from the stalkers perspective.
Todd Rammstein Weit weg lyrics with English translation
  • Jamie This song is about a stalker looking at his victim through the window.
Monte The new Rammstein album: your ultimate track
  • Carlton I guess we are out of sync then in our relationship, guys — I personally never felt you 'needed' all that stuff because the songs were so good. We've known since the release of first single that the follow up to 2009's Liebe ist für alle da was going to be special, but with Rammstein — a full decade in the making — the German industrial pioneers may just have made their finest album yet.
Arturo WEIT WEG (English Translation) lyrics by Rammstein
  • Murray With all the monotony of their ' Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • Blake But like a couple of songs on the album, it's split opinion with fans. With all those overtly cheesy keyboard stabs, you can hear echoes of fellow Neue Deutsche Härte travellers Oomph! Indisputably one of the more dance or, if you're that way inclined, fuck -worthy tunes on the album.
Gregory WEIT WEG lyrics by Rammstein
  • Emmanuel A confessional but typically anthemic chorus follows.
Johnathan WEIT WEG Chords
  • Reyes The track is dripping with religious hypocrisy in the most beautifully scornful way that only Rammstein can achieve.
  • Abdul While this crackling, apparently ancient audio doesn't feature on the album version, the translation does offer clues about what the song is about 'Attention Attention. To me this song is very emotional, and personally it is one for longing to somebody far away.