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  • Augustine Since the habit is a sign of consecration, poverty and membership in a particular Religious family, I join the Fathers of the Synod in strongly recommending to men and women religious that they wear their proper habit, suitably adapted to the conditions of time and place.
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  • Sheldon It is difficult for individuals to provide a definitive answer; but such an answer can arise from encounter and dialogue.
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  • Lee The monastic life of women and the cloister deserve special attention because of the great esteem in which the Christian community holds this type of life, which is a sign of the exclusive union of the Church as Bride with her Lord, whom she loves above all things.
  • Theodore Precisely for this reason evangelical poverty forcefully challenges the idolatry of money, making a prophetic appeal as it were to society, which in so many parts of the developed world risks losing the sense of proportion and the very meaning of things. In the same way, it is helpful for delegates of the Conferences of Major Superiors to be invited to meetings of the Bishops' Conferences and, in turn, for delegates of the Episcopal Conferences to be invited to attend the Conferences of Major Superiors, following predetermined formats.
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  • Jennifer Lubrificatris continentibus, velut aut , non utendum est quia praeservativum porosum facientia debilitant.
  • Willie Bishops will thus seek to support and help consecrated persons, so that, in communion with the Church, they open themselves to spiritual and pastoral initiatives responding to the needs of our time, while remaining faithful to their founding charism. Alle unsere Mitarbeiter verfügen über viel Erfahrung, sodass wir Ihnen eine umfassende und fundierte Beratung bieten können.
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  • Howard He continually calls new disciples to himself, both men and women, to communicate to them, by an outpouring of the Spirit cf.
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  • Antoine However, it should not be forgotten that in many ancient cultures religious expression is so deeply ingrained that religion often represents the transcendent dimension of the culture itself.
Salvatore EAV
  • Ira But this is possible only on the basis of a special vocation and in virtue of a particular gift of the Spirit.
Marc Vita Consecrata (March 25, 1996)
  • Sergio Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that in certain cases this involvement causes uneasiness and disorientation at the personal or community level, especially when these experiences come into conflict with the demands of the common life or of the Institute's spirituality.
  • Chang Like the whole of Christian life, the call to the consecrated life is closely linked to the working of the Holy Spirit.
  • Jan This is demonstrated by the lives of many Saints who in different periods of history were able to immerse themselves in their time without being overcome by it, but opening new paths to the people of their generation. Pleraeque sunt infectiones , , , et aliis allatae Holmes et al.
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  • Linda Present in every part of the world 78.
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  • Randal We are all aware of the treasure which the gift of the consecrated life in the variety of its charisms and institutions represents for the ecclesial community.