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  • Antone Today the Fish Tent is one of the slightly quieter tents at Oktoberfest which can be refreshing, plus the food is great. This is the most prominent on the first Sunday when the portion of participants of the Trachten- und Schützenzug is much larger than in the other.
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  • Seymour With nearly 10,000 seats, the Hofbräu Tent is so large that they sell over 750,000 liters of beer during Oktoberfest.
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  • Marty As a whole, Oktoberfest has only about 15% international visitors, but the Hofbräu Tent can be as high as 30% international visitors some days.
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  • Dario Table Reservations: Reservations for Weekday evenings and all day on the Weekends are usually renewed a full year in advance.
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  • Orville Legend has it that Alois Hingerl was a postman who died and was sent back to Munich as an angel to give Bavaria an important message, but he went straight to the Hofbrau Haus for fun instead.
  • Walter Bitte nicht: Ab Oktober des Vorjahres anrufen oder mailen, das bringt nichts. The menu is rather expensive and offers a number of very unusual dishes like prawns instead of traditional ones.
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  • Jamaal Email: , media: Time Slot Chart:. Nach dem Absenden Ihrer Daten erhalten Sie sofort eine Reservierungsbestätigung an Ihre E-Mail Adresse.
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  • Jim Reserve a table in the Schützen tent at the Oktoberfest 2020 If you are looking for a beer tent where young and old can sit comfortably side by side, then make a reservation in the Schützen Festzelt, a favorite tent with the Bavarian locals here in Munich. Because these unreserved seats fill up fast each day, it is important to know what are the best tents to focus on.
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  • Roger About The Oxen Tent: Serving Spaten beer, the Oxen Tent sets the tone right from the start with a huge rotating ox statue rotating as it cooks above the entrance. Wann ist eine Reservierung auf der Wiesn möglich? Unfortunately, in 2016 a new lighting concept premiered, turning the tent into a discotheque for good.
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  • Jerome Der versicherte Versand der Gutscheine erfolgt nach Zahlungseingang ab Ende Juli per Kurier an die von Ihnen angegebene Lieferadresse. Reservations Times: Typically there are Lunch, Afternoon, and Evening slots available.
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  • Donny September Die schwule Gay-Gemeinde trifft sich heute in der Fischer-Vroni.
  • Kirby The tent of the Spaten brewery is mostly known for its oxen, which can be seen in front of the kitchen.
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  • Jeff There is a lot of natural light and the ceiling is full of large leafy greens rings. It offers the most traditional experience.
  • Fredrick Final Night: The single best experience at Oktoberfest happens in the Hacker Tent at the close of the last night.
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  • Monty While still a lot, only around 70% of people will be dressed traditionally in Hofbrau, but the rest of the tents are more in the 90-100% range.