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  • Jermaine While this was initially seen as a blow to Merkel's attempt at forming a viable coalition, the manner in which Stoiber withdrew earned him much ridicule and severely undermined his position as a Merkel rival.
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  • Rodger Merkel favors the between and the ; but stated in December 2012 that its implementation depends on reforms in Ukraine. Merkel meets with Argentine President in the , , 2017.
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  • Tommie The following day, Merkel stated that the government would guarantee private savings account deposits, after all.
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  • Berry The comment about the eight-year-old makes me cringe. Ms Merkel began a stage-managed gradual exit from politics in October and that she would not seek re-election in 2021.
  • Alexis She received the award for International understanding. Then, in the summer of 2015, as desperate Syrian refugees poured into Europe, Merkel made an uncharacteristically quick decision.
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  • Hugo The chancellor urged Germans to observe restrictions and stand in solidarity with one another, for the common good. It was true that the right to freedom of expression also applies to cartoons, she said.
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  • Clinton Dear Mrs Merkel, I saw the broadcast with the Palestinian refugee girl, and her plight has touched me very much.
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  • Antoine In the , Merkel led her party to victory for the fourth time. All the friends of their adolescence ….
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  • Damien Angela Merkel gives Germans a hard truth about the coronavirus German chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters that she wanted to help people understand the breadth of the challenge posed by the rapidly spreading, still largely unknown virus.
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  • Emilio In 2001, the Netherlands was one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage.
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  • Joey Merkel was elected Chancellor by the majority of delegates 397 to 217 in the newly assembled Bundestag on 22 November 2005, but 51 members of the governing coalition voted against her. Merkel has won international plaudits for her handling of the pandemic in Germany.
  • Katherine Reports at the time indicated that the grand coalition would pursue a mix of policies, some of which differed from Merkel's political platform as leader of the opposition and candidate for Chancellor. Her party began the campaign with a 21-point lead over the in national opinion polls, although her personal popularity lagged behind that of the incumbent.
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  • Truman.
  • Bernardo The collapse of these talks led to stalemate. The three figures are 7%, 25% and 50%.