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Bradley St. Mauritius Therapieklinik
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Percy St. Mauritius Therapieklinik
  • Antoine Google has determined value of as. The Group employs a staff of more than 2,700 people.
  • Percy The department's competence also covers medical care for especially rare neurological disorders.
Nelson Department of Neurology
  • Rogelio Our multi-faceted competence in therapy and rehabilitation complemented by cutting edge therapeutic instruments allow us to deliver optimum therapeutic treatment to patients of all ages in our three departments, the Geriatric Clinic, the Clinic for Paediatric Neurology, and the Clinic for Neurology. It is worth noting that the medical team of the department has exceptional experience in early rehabilitation of pathologies of the central nervous system.
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  • Hilario The clinic for paediatric neurology is one of the first neurological rehabilitation facilities for children in Germany to receive that certificate.
  • Gale The hospital admits for treatment patients. These are patients in a serious condition who need constant medical monitoring and early rehabilitation rehabilitation phase B , as well as patients in a milder condition who can cope with many everyday tasks on their own rehabilitation phases C and D.
  • Joe Unsere Therapieangebote sind ganz auf die unterschiedlichen Bedürfnisse der verschiedenen Altersgruppen zugeschnitten -- vom Kleinkind bis zum älteren Menschen.
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Owen St Mauritius Therapieklinik Videoportrait
  • Collin Wir nutzen evidenz-basierte, Erholungsgrad-angepasste, spezifische und intensitätsmaximierte Therapieverfahren und integrieren modernste Rehabilitationstechnologie. In order to guarantee the best and long-term result of rehabilitation, the department applies both classical and innovative treatment methods with high therapeutic potential.
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  • Pierre Mauritius Therapieklinik Meerbusch ranks among the top German rehabilitation medical facilities! The department is engaged in the rehabilitation of patients with severe brain disorders. The hospital is a modern rehabilitation center where patients with neurological diseases can undergo effective rehabilitation on an inpatient basis.
Arturo St Mauritius Therapieklinik Videoportrait
  • Jason The department's specialists mostly deal with the treatment of patients with lesions of the brain and spinal cord due to strokes, traumatic brain injuries, inflammatory and degenerative pathologies of the brain, transverse myelitis, etc.
Andy St Mauritius Therapieklinik Videoportrait
  • Jonah The patients with neurological disorders are often simultaneously indicated various types of therapy.